How To Raise A Harem | QooApp Exclusive Version

How To Raise A Harem | QooApp Exclusive Version

How To Raise A Harem | QooApp Exclusive Version



it's a fun little idle game with lewd characters. chibi animations are a little choppy, but nothing deal breaking.

Edit: ok, after playing for over a week, I've gotta say this game is not polished at all. It almost plays like a beta release.
- Red dots will show up even if there's nothing to claim, yet they won't show up when there IS something you can claim.
- Half of the time, the elemental dungeons will say "event not open" even when the tower is clearly opened.
- The bubble mini game has the most horrible physics I've ever seen. You can aim perfectly at any number and your ball will still bounce around completely randomly and land wherever it feels like.
- Every single character has a skin with white hair and red eyes. Other than there being zero creativity between those skins, it makes every character look the same. Makes upgrading characters a massive pain.
- These are the WORST gacha rates I've ever seen. You get a pity at 100 summons, but there's no guaranteed SR from a 10x summon. You'll often end up getting 9 N heroes and 1 R from a 10 pull. The N heroes can be decomposed to buy R heroes or a very limited amount of summon tickets per week. Nowhere near enough to keep the game interesting imo.

In short, there are definitely better idle gacha games out there. The best thing about this game is the lewd anime art style. Everything else is below sub-par.

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한국어가 없어서 정말 아쉽지만 캐릭터 자제의 그래픽과 직접 플레이하지않아도 시간이 지나면 얻을수 있는 보상이 진짜 좋은거같아요 很遗憾没有韩语 但是角色自制的图像和 即使不亲自玩,随着时间的流逝也能得到的补偿真的很好。 It's sad that there's no Korean, but the graphic of characters Even if you don't play it yourself, I think the reward that you get over time is really good.



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