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I don't know what to say, I tried the PC version so I know what to expect, it's a great fun TCG, definitely not for the faint-hearted or people who are expecting age-old mechanics (cough Forbidden Memories). graphics? nothing to brag about, like hey, it's a card game, so don't expect so much especially on small screen that isn't a monitor.

the mobile version....... is terrible, mainly in term of optimization.

on top of the game heating quite a lot despite the fact game doesn't offer fancy graphics compared to say Genshin or Tower Fantasy, there's more apparent issue
checking on notification bar? 30% chances of the game crashing
rotating your phone by accident? 80% chances of your game crashing
trying to type to search for card? congratulations, you've just crashed not just the game but also your entire phone! your only savior is to force restart the system

soooo yeah, your mileage may vary (could be the game hates MIUI, or it's just badly optimized), I'll stick to the PC version until it's sorted out

overall score may change once I figured out what's wrong with it, for now it'll stay as is.

After talking to several people ranging from mid-range phone to modern gaming phone, we came to a conclusion that the client is heavily unoptimized. If you want a better gaming experience, please send a ticket to Konami regarding this matter.

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일단 최적화가 덜되어있다 핸드폰 발열이나 그래픽등등.. 게임성은 갓겜인데 최적화좀 더 해줘어어어ㅓㅓㅓ

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