Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG Online MMO

Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG Online MMO

Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG Online MMO



Good luck downloading this on QooApp as the apk seems to be broken. I had to download from the play store and honestly it's not that good. It's a lot like Priconne both gameplay and feature wise, but not as far as quality goes. All characters in battle and in the Hero screen are chibis, which is fine if you like that, but I'm tired of seeing chibis EVERYWHERE in these games. The character portraits themselves are great, but the chibis are a huge quality downgrade. You can upgrade your heroes' level, star level, gear, runes, and soldiers, but the game doesn't tell you what to mainly focus on to get stronger. For example, you'll upgrade your soldiers for a miniscule strength increase which doesn't really affect the battle at all, making you wonder what the point is in the first place.
Game uses energy and skip tickets. You can only skip a level a certain number of times before you need to pay GEMS to refresh it (or wait until the next day) so also good luck upgrading your runes. The gacha is a shard gacha, so you're paying gems and tickets to get PIECES of a character, with a very low chance at a full character itself. More power to you if that's your thing.
My biggest gripe is the login rewards. There's currently a 7-day sign-in event for newcomers on top of the normal daily sign in. Maybe it's a glitch, but after signing in every day so far I could receive the Day 3 rewards from the newcomer event (which is only 2 summon tickets, what a joke), but I was restarted to Day 1 of the normal daily sign in. How can I simultaneously be on Day 1 AND Day 3 at the same time???
It's little glitches like that, along with the lack of communication from the devs, that made me uninstall this game and just play Priconne instead. It really is basically the same game with different characters and less polish. Feel free to try it out if you want (or if you even can), but in my opinion this game needs some overhauls before it's worth it.

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