호오즈키의 냉철

호오즈키의 냉철

Hozuki's Coolheadedness: Your puzzle from Hell



A painfully average game. I would believe it if someone told me that one of the Circles of Hell included being forced to play this game and only this game for eternity. Doesn't sound too bad, but they say that the worst games are those that are so painfully average that you'd rather play a barely functional mess than this. That's kinda the feeling I get playing this game, as it's not fun to play, the visuals and sound are okay, the gacha barely seems necessary, and there's just not much there in terms of content. Aside from the main puzzle levels, there is a goldfish plant you can tend to... I guess. It's just too generic to recommend, though as previously mentioned, its average-ness is kinda sorta a perfect fit for the setting.

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오랜만에 하려고 들어왔더니 게임이 문을 닫아버렸다...ㅠㅠ



지금 갑자기 인게임 다운에서 계속 멈춤상태. 폰을 껐다켜도 소용없고 혹시나해서 안 하는 게임 삭제해도 소용이없다.. 재밌어도 실행이 안 되면 무슨 소용...

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