CODE: SEED - 불꽃의 노래 | 글로벌버전

CODE: SEED - 불꽃의 노래 | 글로벌버전

CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

Mác Lê


5 times obtain probability for Caesar and Nelson - This is a scam. I've recruited 70 times and can't get a Nelson, don't dream of Caesar, You have to pay $30 for 10 recruits, 70 recruits are $210, 210 my fucking dollars have been scammed for this damn game. I realize how stupid I am, and you will be as stupid as I am if you play this game, you better stay away from it.

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Simson Hogu


한국섭도 초반에 육성까진 재미있었는데 그후에 장비맞추는거나 전용장비과금 맞추는게 루즈해서 접었는데 비교적 나은환경인거같아요



넘모 재밌던데 왜 한.일섭 망했다는지 모르겠음..

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