D4DJ Groovy Mix | English

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English

Lily Macano


I've not been playing very long so this is just my first impression, I might update this review later when I know more about the game.

The cards are beautiful in this game and I have been very lucky to get four 4*s with my free pulls and free tickets from the beginners logins. The live stage/clubs are very nice too and I'm impressed that having so many cut ins and sfx doesn't make my phone lag at all! The only downside is the sfx are so bright and distracting it makes it hard to play the game so I have them all turned off (。>﹏<) I think if I got more used to playing with them this wouldn't be a problem.

I'm happy there's a wide variety of music in this game like originals and covers and fan music and even bgms from games! It's really refreshing to be able to play something different. I don't really have a fav song of the originals though, maybe it's because I don't know the charas/groups very well yet, but none of the originals really stand out to me.

The gameplay is really good and not laggy for me even with all the sfx, sometimes playing with others filling a waiting room can take a while but that's not the games fault. I wonder how many players there are? Or if it is just that live rooms have problems connecting people. The game is very user friendly that you can have as many kinds of notes as you want on auto even if you're doing an event or playing with others, it makes the game so much easier and people can just play the parts that they want to play. I love the medley lives I think they are so fun.

I've seen a lot of reviews talk about how unfair the gacha is or how there are lots of limited gachas compared to permanent and I hope they add more permanent cards soon, since I don't have any fav charas yet limited gachas make it really hard to know who to pull for.

I haven't read much story yet and I don't know lots about the characters but the stories don't look bad, they are like regular stories you'd find in any other game.

I think this game is worth trying if you like rhythm games because the gameplay is a very unique experience.

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캐릭터류 리듬게임에선 보기 드물게 리듬"액션"게임을 잘 소화하고있음. 치는 맛도있고, dj유닛 따라 특유의 기믹,패턴도 세분화(포톤은 스톱패턴, 머메는 엇박 등등.)잘되어있고, 꾸준하게 커버든 오리지널이든 라이센스든 곡 업뎃도 주기적. 뱅드림 자매게임 취급답게 뱅드림 곡도 몇곡 올라가있음. 허나 일러스트는 철저하게 20대 중반-30대 초반을 겨냥한 일러스트 풍이므로 이점은 감안. 동일 멤버임에도 통상<이벤트<생일<fes 따라 스킬효과가 격차가 좀 나며, 천장개념이 없기에 과금할땐 신중하길 권장.(monthly pass이외의 과금에는 고민 해보시길.)




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