CODE: SEED - 불꽃의 노래 | 글로벌버전

CODE: SEED - 불꽃의 노래 | 글로벌버전

CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

Akbar Kautsar


I don't usually write a review but let me give you honest opinion.
When you see writing "Grand open" you usually hope there is some bonus to do gacha roll. You can't expect that in this game. It's a boring no bonus start.
Also the game play is a bit outdated for today's game.

Not to mention this game has been shutted down before, i expect this will last less than one year

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Simson Hogu


한국섭도 초반에 육성까진 재미있었는데 그후에 장비맞추는거나 전용장비과금 맞추는게 루즈해서 접었는데 비교적 나은환경인거같아요



넘모 재밌던데 왜 한.일섭 망했다는지 모르겠음..

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