우마무스메 : 프리티 더비 | 일본판

우마무스메 : 프리티 더비 | 일본판

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby | Japanese

Ornery Mas


Tl;dr - amazing characters and story, a highly unfriendly gacha that forces you to choose between progress or new characters, and, speaking as a Class 6 f2p player who's already hit the glass ceiling, an endgame farming that's as frustrating as time consuming (~6 times your usual gacha dailies)

A little background, I am a fluent Japanese speaker and had no trouble navigating the game and jp youtube videos and forums for tips, so none of my opinions are affected by any language barriers. I played non-stop since release and has decided to uninstall today. writing this so casual players / non-whales can be aware of the major flaws of this mega hit which the die hard fans aren't talking about:

graphics - blows old gen gacha games out of the water, but these days there are open world gacha games out there so not top of the line, but still, impressive enough

sound - personal preference here but ugh I hate idol songs, as for bgm it's pretty generic

story - the character stories and main story are good, really good, better than its own anime and honestly funnier and more moving than any of currently airing seasonal animes. looking back now, it's the only reason I played for as long as I did, I uninstalled but honestly I'd probably still dig up videos of new story/character chapters when bored in the future

gameplay - this is the big one, the biggest one. so first things first, at the time of uninstall I'm Class 6 in arena and my campaign success rate aka winning URA FINALS is like, 99.9%, I'm about as high ranked and successful as a f2p player can hope to be, so I'm not calling it frustrating because I don't know how to play. so here we go:

1) Gameplay is luck-based. Oh God it feels good to say that out loud. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Drives me crazy watching the fanboys on jp forums insist that it's not. the status distribution is random, the events are random, the important events rewards are random, AND THEN, during the race, the skill activation is random, the status performance is random, the position is random (yes even with reposition skills because again, skill activation is random), oh and the uma musume race condition which applies a global buff/debuff to their whole performance during the race? Random. You can literally do everything right during a campaign and the game can slap you with 4 bad condition events consecutively, ruining your hope of getting a good stats run at no fault of your own. HOW is this not a luck based gameplay ffs it's the definition of complete chaos. which brings me to the second thing.

2) As of right now, we don't Really know what the gameplay is. That's right. I see other reviews have explained what power and stamina and so on are but those are not accurate, no one knows, in-game descriptions have been proved by jp players to be inaccurate, there are a bunch of theories flying around and here's the cherry on top, the fanboys are treating this like a good thing. yeah. "wow this game is so deep this is why I can't quit! xd" That's not deep, that's the game designer not doing their basic job. In-game description of character stats need to be, well, descriptive, and accurate, the game is making players spend hundreds of thousands of stamina to figure out how these stats actually work. Imagine if a game didn't use HP, MP, stamina and just made up a bunch new concepts for character stats and didn't explain what they did, that's what uma musume is like right now. Cygames has a lot of good will, and honestly for good reasons but watching people defend this is maddening.

3) Gacha. Brutal. And yes I realize they just did a free 5640 jewels giveaway and that still won't help, that's how brutal this is. Character and support cards separated completely. Sounds good in theory right, especially for the FGO players out there who's tired of seeing mapo tofu on their character PU? Uh-uh, not here. Why? Because support cards are EVERYTHING in this game. You don't get stronger by getting new characters, you get stronger by stacking support cards so they reach max bond levels faster and give out more points during training. What does this mean for non-whales? It means you have to make a choice. Either give up on new characters completely, stack support cards so you actually progress as a player, or pull your waifus and see little to no progression in your gameplay until the game is out of service. It's a gacha game, pulling for characters you like is 99.9% of the motivation, and this gacha system forces you to give that up if you want to progress. Yeah, this really killed my mood of continuing as well.

4) the daily chore of this game is A LOT longer than other gacha games and not any more interesting once the cloud clears and you figure out the pattern of raisi ng the uma musumes of different types (long distance, short distance, nige, senkou, etc etc), it just...all becomes the same thing every day. You might be thinking, well isn't that every gacha game, and you're right, in every gacha game after reaching endgame of the current update you're just doing the same dailies every day but, the dailies in uma musume take way too long. I think it's 5~6 campaigns you can play daily with natural stamina regen, and that's at least an hour for me, much longer if you take in the thinking and planning. Like I got other games to play and I need my gacha dailies to take less than 20 minutes per game.

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Solmin King


계정 연동과 관련해서 말씀드립니다, 이 게임 구글계정이나 페이스북 연동을 할수있다고는 하나, 이것보다는 계정코드를 따로 따두시는게 좋습니다. 방법은 1. 인게임 홈화면에서 우측상단 메뉴버튼을 누릅니다 2. 아래 기타섹션에서 첫번째줄 두번째 버튼(휴대폰아이콘에 화살표 표시)인 데이터연계를 누릅니다. 3. 그러면 좌우 버튼두개 뜨는데 우측 녹색버튼을 눌러줍니다 3. 상(로그인), 하(계정저장) 녹색버튼 두개와 아래쪽에 흰색버튼(취소)이 뜹니다, 녹색버튼 두개중 아래꺼 누릅니다 4. 이후에 뜨는 버튼중 우측녹색버튼을 누르시면 입력칸이 두개 나오는데, "비밀번호 입력"과 "비밀번호 재입력" 입니다, 대문자와 소문자포함하여 8~16자리까지 입력 가능합니다. 5. 비밀번호 위아래 똑같이 입력후 OK버튼 위에있는 체크박스를 체크한뒤 OK누르면 됩니다 5-1. OK활성화가 안되면 비밀번호 설정조건 미달이라는 뜻입니다 6. OK누르면 계정코드 9자리와, 입력한 비밀번호가 일부 *표처리 되어서 나타납니다, 이걸 저장해두세요 이 방법이 구글계정을 연동해두는것보다 안전하다고 생각합니다 왠지모르게 구글계정 연동이 잘 안되는모양이더라구요 리뷰보는데, 구글계정만 연동해두었다가 데이터 날려먹으신분 계셔서 작성하였습니다.



게임플레이 소감입니다 경마 모에화게임이고 아이돌마스터처럼 중간중간 라이브도 나옵니다 경마 중계도 풀보이스로 중계해주면서 경마의 핵심인 속도감 아찔함도 정말 잘표현했습니다 신용하던 사이게임즈답게 프리코네의 뒤를 이어 엄청난 퀄리티의 게임을 보여주었으나 현재 일본에서만 가능하게 지역락을 걸어버렸고 vpn우회도 이름있는 것들은 대다수 금지처리를 하고있습니다 저는 일본에서 거주해서 별문제될건 없었지만 한국에서 플레이하려는 유저들한테는 vpn일일히 못쓸때마다 되는거 찾아서 하는것도 매우 귀찮고 굳이? 이런게임을위해 그렇게까지 해야하나 싶기도합니다 사이게임즈측에서도 " 해외유저들이 플레이를 못하는게 정상 굳이 우회를 해서 플레이를 하겠다면 말리지는않지만 중간에 못하게되어도 본인책임이다 " 라는것을 밀고가고 있으므로 불안한분은 현질하는것을 추천하지않습니다

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