포켓몬 대격돌SP

포켓몬 대격돌SP

Pokemon Rumble Rush



Pokémon Rumble on mobile devices! The visuals are what you might expect from the Rumble games, with a couple of graphical options in the event your device can't handle hi-res low-poly goodness. Heck, my resolution was toned down to the point where it basically resembled a 3DS screen, truly the intended Rumble experience! Sound effects should also be very familiar to Rumble veterans, as many of the sounds are returning including some music. Gameplay is more or less similar to other Rumble games, with the main objective to take out the big Boss Pokémon at the end. The road to get there is literally a straight line this time, and the Pokémon moves automatically while you handle everything from attacking to dodging to swapping Pokémon. The story is virtually nonexistent, just a means to get you catching Pokémon. Thereby hardly any incentive to pay for anything, unless you're impatient, and there's no stamina system beyond needing feathers to find new stages. It's a solid mobile game!

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