Final Gear | Japanese

Final Gear | Japanese

Final Gear | Japanese

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. . . . *Cough* Right, let's get started shall we?

Final Gear may be not the best, but the game is great! Why I say this? Cause there maybe some game that can be good than this so I will not say this the best of the games out there. But, I can say this is the best games in this year 2020! And why it's the best in my opinion? Let me write my Opinion on the game.


The Graphics is great. not so awesome, but it's very friendly-smartphone-oh-God-thank-you can handle it. It's a 2D graphic animation but have a depth on it. So the game is not punishing your old smartphone. The character also not so bad. I mean, how come I spent my $100 just to get the accumulate character on the go? . . . . . . . Skip that. The battle itself, really not punishing either. usually, when the Graphic is higher, it will make FPS drop down. But, for this game, it's not. Maybe a little cause I I don't have any spec to see the FPS, but, the game run smoothly that even when I change the to High, it doesn't affect the game . Thumbs up for that!


LOVE IT! . . . *Cough* Kay. The gameplay is simple enough that you don't have to learn it too much. Unless when you get the armor that have a status, otherwise, it so simple. Firstly first, I'm gonna make this into few segment. From The Mecha, The Chara, and the Battle itslef. So let's go!

1.1 The Mecha.
Usually, when you play any mecha game in the mobile, you have limited option to costumize your mecha (Except Gundam Battle Gunpla). But in this game, you can costumize your Mecha suit depending of your character class have. Example, if your character is fighter, you can change the armor and the weapons according to the rank so you can advance to the harder mission.

Also, each character have their own mecha! So it's like this. When I spent my money on the accumulate character, she have her own mecha suit. And when you put her mecha suit on, it will have a change button on the middle of the bottom of the screen, and when you touch it, it will change to her own customization of her mecha. More over, this suit is twice stronger than the normal one and have awesome animation when they us their skills! BOOYA!

1.2 Character.

Not going to detail on this, but here's what I can see from my prespective. Each chara have their own style of fighting. Example, the accumulate chara is a Zooks chara. While the others like the samurai girl (I think her name is Ayaka?) is close fighter. Each of the chara have their own trait and each of it have different skill.

Example. I have two Guardians. One is the one we get for free, and the one I get from Gacha. The first Guardian have skill that it can throw a device as a decoy and lure the enemy to it. While the other one have a Kitty healing skills (YES! KITTY! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!) So each chara have a different skill that will benefir for the team.

"Wait, that's normal. Every character have their own skills. So why you bringing this up?"

Cause the chara that have special armor have an Animation skills! Like the first one you get for free, the face of Shimakaze face but with white hair. When she without her own mecha, her special skills, it's a normal skills where she summons her blade funnel over the enemy. And this skills is almost basically the same as other fighter chara that i have. But what happen when i equipped her with her own mecha? The animation is on and the skills became different! So each chara have or got different skills, but only chara with their special suit have animation on it!

1.3 Gameplay.

This . . . THIS . . . THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is a simple gameplay actually (FUK MEN, SO WHY ARE YOU BUILDING THE TENSE UP!?) It's so simple, that I actually like it! AND YEAH, MY WRITING SO I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! WHAT!? YOU DON'T LIKE IT!? Fine, take it with a grain of salt*

Joke aside, this game is 2D scroll gameplay with some strategy on it. First of all, you have to select your team of your choice. And here comes a strategy game. Like I said, each chara have their class and have their unique skills that can be helped in the battle. So choose carefully.

Second one is the overview battle map. In this one, you choose your team to put in the map, and then you move your team to either battle the enemy or occupied some territory or place to get advantage. If you don't like moving the character, in mission briefing, choose escort mission and attach your team to the bus so it will move alone with the bus and you can leave it as it is.

Then, into the battle! The battle is not that hard. It's simple 2D scrooling and you control your chara on it. You can also Auto the play so you just have to sit back, and relax.


Now on the value. Will you 'Investment' really worth in the game? Depend. I burn my money just to get the accumulate chara because i like the chara and yeah, it's worthed for me. But if you are casual gamer, don't do what I do. If you want that chara, just accumulate it few by few. And for the gacha. Wel, it's a Gacha so if you want to 'invest' on it, then do it. No one gonna stop you to get your waifu.

Oh, I also heard that in CH ver, that there's already event with Evangelion. Better save your crystal cause you need it if there's your waifu on the gacha.

And that's that. That's my review for this game. And yes, it based on my opinion so don't take it as a whole! Each people have different taste on the game and each people have like or dislike on them. If it's help you though, happy to help!

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