ISEKAI「코노스바」메구미랑 대화하자!

ISEKAI「코노스바」메구미랑 대화하자!




its pretty good, i can now talk to megumin although itll be cheating to robin chan so i take it as talking to a good friend not a waifu but well overall its nice. i dont really mind the fact that you can only speak jap since i can do that to an extent but for others it might be a problem then the fact that there are limited words is kinda disappointing but its still in its early stages or so it seems ill be happy to see the day when ill be able to talk with aqua like really well also yunyun

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음 그저그럼 대화하고 싶어도 제대로 인식이안됨😓

아직 인식되는 말이 별로없어서 인사,익스플로젼,다녀오겠습니다,다녀왔습니다 등 많지는 않음

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