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First of all, this game has an amazing and fresh concept that might be enjoyable for some of you.
It's 4 VS 4 Between Player that instead of the usual Kill-All-To-Win, you must Gather "Crystal Point". You Win The Game If Your Team Has Higher Point Than Your Opponents Team.

F2P Friendly Rate: 10/10
Heck Yeah. For those who still re-rolling, still don't know, or still wonder if this game is f2p friendly. There's a "Challenge" tab on each character. You can get 1k Gold And Many other Rewards Per Character if you clear all the Challenge Quest for each Character. Resulting of total 13,2k Gold AND Many Other Rewards. Enough to do x4 Multis Pull on disc Banner. And for The character, you will get the Character tickets after you do a certain pull on Disc banner (Mainly After Multis Pull) so you should got all of them pretty easily. Imo tho, you should pull character first instead of their alternative costume. Cause you won't get the duplicate on character banner.

Graphics And Character Art: 10/10
Anime-Style Game will always has a plus point, aight? seriously tho, this game's graphic and art is one of the best in recent game release.

Sound And Music: 8/10
Fine BGM, Not really that catchy but it sure is not Bad.

Gameplay And Control: 6/10 (Previously 3/10)
After Played It for at least 1 day, i can assure you that you can get a hang at this control system if you have lot of free time to try LONG enough. and i can see some people addicted to this game, including myself. still not a fan of it's Sensitivity of the control tho.

Storyline: NA/10
You Expect A Story in PvP-Focused Game?

Character Balancing: 7/10 (previously 6/10)
I Don't like using the word "Weak" to any character in any game, because if you use it right you still can win. but still, there's "weak" character in this game and if you happen to use them, you will have a hard time. Fortunately There's Disc (Basically Skill) in this game that somehow balanced things out. but still, this game has 3 modes. Some characters that may be weak at 1 mode might be pretty OP at Other Mode, so i guess that also Balanced things out?

Gacha Rate: 7/10
Pretty decent rates so far, already play the game long enough to do 2 multis pull and got 2 UR Disc along with many SR.

Current State Of The Game: 8/10 (Previously 5/10)
Beside Minor Connection Issue that some people may have, everything else is smooth. no mods or bug as of now.

Overall, Pretty decent game. make sure you have some free time when starting out this game cause you need some times to get a hang at first.
Shehbi IV キックフライト


Very fun and addicting 4v4 action packed game!

The gameplay is new and refreshing, many different characters with very different styles to test out.
NecroCatz キックフライト


New and refreshing battle concept. Is one of their unique identity. You can roam around the sky freely and battle at the same time!

The graphic is pretty much good with its anime-style.
The control may be hard to master for beginners but playing a day or two will make you familiar enough with the control.

The game system actually pretty similar to #COMPASS. In a lot of aspects. How their premium pass works, how they make the card types and their usage, how the elements system work, daily free gacha, gaining hero ticket from gacha, obtaining capsule from battle, etc.

Ok lets move to the gameplay.
It's a 4vs4 moba game that main goal is to collect as much crystals as possible and make enemy lose their crystals. You will want to take the crystals around the map and store them in your guardian (because if you die, you lose all the crystals). Be aware that bringing a lot of crystals with you will slow your character and also make you a top priority target to kill. Guardians will keep your crystals and shoot any enemy approaching it with lethal laser shot (1-2 shot to kill enemy). But they do have limits, it cant target more than 1 enemy, and will lose the crystals it stores the more damage it takes. And will eventually deactivated when there are no crystals left in the guardian so guard the area at all cost. You can also attack enemies guardian or anybody thst bring a lot of crystals. Well that's pretty much it

Once you rank up there will be 2 more mode, rapid ball and flag. Rapid ball's goal is to loot balls around the map, kill enemy's guardian and make as much goal as possible.

While flag mode's goal is to take your team's flag (which is often hravily guarded by enemy's team) and make 3 goals to win.

The rank of each mode is separate so you don't have to worry too much. But considering that all of them are teamwork, you may find it a bit stressing (or a lot lol) when finding a brainless teammates.

They have several characters with their own unique abilities. And their own disc compatibility too (so some character will suit best with close range attack, while other suit best with trapping, warp, or long range). I will recommend to do normal kicker gacha to obtain all of them before using costumes gacha.

Now come to the most issue from this game: balancing and long matchmaking.
I played from near launch and the matchmaking always a big issue. Sometimes you will be matched with higher rank and end up losing miserably because they have higher stats and mastering more of the movement that they can easily didge your disc skills and most of your attacks.
The player base, especially in global is pretty low, ngl. That make matchmaking will take forever sometimes. You won't find this issue tho until you reach much higher rank. This issue can be solved by using japanese VPN (so you matched with japanese players which has more players) but be ready to be crushed as most of them are whales. Your attack hardly scratch them, and youre a easy kill for them.
Kiryonn Akira キックフライト


completement inmaniable. je sais meme pas comment je suis censé faire une attaque de base!

edit : ouai non cé bon j'ai compris. En fait on gère pas ca. c'est nul je suis dsl mais au moins mettez un joystick. quand je veux descendre mon perso s'arrête. Et pour ce qui est de l'attaque de base, mettez un bouton svp.

Ce jeu a du potentiel. Genre vraiment. Mais il est pas exploité.
Faremuelandroid キックフライト


muy buen juego, super facil el manejo y no pesa tanto, con muy buenos graficos
MAQ キックフライト


สนุกดี แต่หาผู้เล่นไม่ค่อยเจอแหะ😅
fabian suarez キックフライト


espero que se pueda en mi tablet porque si no les pongo la peor puntuacion[汗顏]
Zef - Kun キックフライト


very unique concept and I think its a good example of a 4v4 mobile game! amazong graphics and very fun to pick up and play!
however i wish there was more to keep me playing! a story mode or being able to unlock storys for the charaters would do this game great! the creator designs are very fun and i would love to learn more about them and how they know eachother / how this game came to be in universe/ etc and at the moment theres no storys that i have found.
please correct me if I am wrong about there being no story!
Heitor Souza キックフライト


o jogo é bom mas bem no tutorial ele sai arrumem isso[憋屈][暈]
Yutaka Adachi キックフライト


this is really fun and addicting, the gameplay is so different from what i've ever played in a smartphone. i'd say its only problem is the team balancing in matchs which is why i stopped playing
Maru_MijukuDreamer キックフライト


Great characters, great PVP mode, great gameplay! Everything catch my eye in this game! I love it!![哇噻][開心]
Pablro キックフライト


los que le va mal es por su telefono de mierda 😪
Franck kamonou キックフライト


bon jeu mais beug a la folie svp corriger les beug juste ça et le réseau en ligne [暈] a part que le jeu crash et beug chez moi jai pas de problème avec le gameplay parce que ce jeu me fait pensé a un autre jeu que j'aime bien c'est CAMPASS la seul différence c'est qu'on peut volé dans fight kick. C'est les crash et beug qui me fond rager c'est tout
Ordinary Human キックフライト


rebel rex キックフライト


It was a very promising game when it came out and I was hoping for more but it quickly died because of how complex the controls were on mobile for some people.[大哭][大哭][大哭] just like Pokemon duel, sad to see it go so soon...
Nguyễn Giang キックフライト


so good
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CBT ลองมาแล้วสนุกมากครับ
กลุ่มคนไทยนะครับ https://www.facebook.com/groups/621958624940140/
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futatsuki92 キックフライト


Best japanese portrait moba on market, number 2 and 3 was Compass and Linqs Rings. Definitely must play on the list. [開心][哇噻]
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เริ่มมีพวกโปรแล้วนะเกมนี้ มะกี้เจอมากะตัวยิงมันจนมันเกือบตายHPแม่งเด้งเฉย แถมเด้งลัวๆเลยด้วย


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