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Dawnclaw 地獄のどこが悪い?


They should have left it a female only game cause they switch horribly between pronouns throughout the story very annoying but oh well women will always suffer. what else is new.

ANYWAY very glitchy atm but some tips.
You can only have one version of the app on your phone switching from the appstore download to the website download will not allow you tobswitch over files. they do not sync over. So far the only link you can make to account is the devs website. highly reccommended to make account and download from the website for better sexy art in the future. you can link a guest account after guest login when you download for website

Drop rates are super low with L Rank (you need this for the special feature) being at .10% The demon you get in the quiz will be given to you for free so retake that quiz till you get someone you wanna touch. The longer you play with your L rank the higher the ero meter goes up each session so hehehe take your time enjoy his moans.

Your gonna get alot of B rank until they adjust the drop rates for A+ ranks. They are still good so far (chap 1) ive barely upgraded the b and A ranks i have and we are clearing quests easily with my L ranks being lv11.
諭吉福沢 地獄のどこが悪い?


sadly, due to the game keeps crasbing with an " Error has occured" after I head into the 'special' area, I'm not goimg to give that good of a rating till things are fixed.

total storage it takes is 3.55GB! while graphics are AMAZING, I won't rate much higher than that. Once this is fixed I'll give a higher rating. as this will exist to let the devs know there is an issue.

EDIT: Okay, the game is DECENT in lines of game play, but it really didnt give but ONE preregister reward, cards are a bit harder to level up. Stamina vanaishes VERY fast.

https://www.ero-labs.com/en/game.html?id= 35 ( remove space at the = 35)

is the uncensored version from Eurolabs.
Aiina 地獄のどこが悪い?


Last Update since I'm uninstalling this game.

This company should change their name to pretty greedy.

Reaching pity for a single random card is crazy expensive. Especially if you'll compare it to other gacha games.

They never listen to their players. Whether it's through emails or social media. Majority of the time, they'll ignore you.

There are numerous bugs in this game and they take a long time to fix those bugs even if the players are repeatedly reporting it. By a long time I mean multiple weeks or months.

Subpar story overall. They didn't bother fixing the pronoun errors in the story so be ready because the characters will randomly use he then she, back to he then she again etc.

They also released angels as playable characters BUT you have to pay A LOT to get them. It's currently impossible to get them without paying.

Grinding events are still a pain, because even with the 2x speed, the ultimate animations are super slow. Mammon suffers from this the most.

Tanks doesn't feel like tanks, They're super squishy. Bloodshed Beelzebub is doing a better job at tanking compared to actual tanks like Mammon. Plus Beelzebub deals more damage than regular tanks too.

Disappointing game overall. The gorgeous art isn't enough to save this game.
Zypher 地獄のどこが悪い?


LOVE this game! You're able to choose the gender of your MC, male or female. However, the game was made with female MCs in mind so the text will sometimes refer to the MC as female when you're a male. This is just a small mistake, so it didn't really affect the gameplay.

The graphics are beautiful and make the characters look so pretty! The ' selfie ' legendary devils are top-notch! Even the normal sprites are just amazing.

The main storyline is voice acted and fits the characters very nicely. Sub storylines are not voice acted though, and minor characters do not have VAs.

Gameplay is simple and effective, though sometimes the battle is hard to beat without higher level characters. Easy to learn and adapt to!

There are definitely spicy scenes that make your heart race and kick your feet.

Overall, I love it!
Chloe 地獄のどこが悪い?


Looks like a game that is rushed by big boss to get horny money. And the developers are just poor amateurs on a horrible deadline.

Images are great, and I think that's about it. They should either focus on female-only game and not add the male choice like a forgotten afterthought. It's too obvious when the devils switch between "Daughter/Son of Solomon" when the choice I made was male, or the voices saying "Kono onna (this woman)". Just delay again, fix the bugs and double check the translated speeches (I won't make too much fuss about the voices, since JP VA are quite expansive and I doubt they're gonna reshoot for more gender neutral calling).

In terms of battling, using the devils' ultimate can be quite confusing for me (yes I'm dumb). I try moving the devils around to trigger ult and still can't get it work. And I understand the First chap. is about having a war with the angels, but a few stages of continuous battles can be quite boring after a while.

So if you're only there to touch the devils and make them come, then yeah, this game will definitely satisfy you. But for the other functions......needs better upgrades in the future. If not, would be quite wasteful for such great potential game.

Added note: Not sure how much gp censor the sexy scenes. I downloaded both Qooapp and Erolabs' version, and find them to be the same.
alix 地獄のどこが悪い?


this game is rlly nice since i thought that there would never be a female oriented nsfw game with a rlly great visual and sound!! i ♡ leviathan and sitri sm 😻😻😻😻 plus things like crashing and stuff dont rlly matter to me since the team is small anway

questions and other stuff 👁👁

how do i use the other ult attacks with the others?? is there like a limit or smth because my lineup is satan, mammon, leviathan, paimon, leraye and marbas but i can only use the bursts of satan leraye and marbas

also i kinda want there to be less battles after a story plus more stuff so u can get more solomons tears bc it took me rlly long to promote leviathan and its a hassle doing that for every card i want to

theres still more haha.. for some reason in secret club my bath and selfie leviathan are stuck at erolvl2 at 66% ive done secret club with him like that maybe more than 5 times yet theres no progress at all so i dont think i can unlock other functions 😿😿😿😿

qooqoo ppl help me im begging upside down right now
naamincafe 地獄のどこが悪い?


[ Edited for latest update ]

Luckily, I have not experienced any of the bugs and glitches so I was able to play the game at it's full potential the past 2-3 days. Really long review below!

Graphics: It's great! The artstyle is really lovely and all the characters are well thought of. The character information screen is filled with small details (ex. The word below the names are the characters kinks which helps makes sense of their chats and homescreen dialogues). Nothing much to say but that it's great.

I do think the UI could be better. There's a 7 day rookie mission list but I had to manually find it in the shop. Unlike most games which would have a rookie missions shortcut on the home screen (the rewards are generous though!).

Gameplay: A bit like Arknights. A tower defense type of game but it doesn't require that much strategizing until you get to later stages. I think that the melee characters are less useful at the moment, they don't do much damage and has less hp/defense than tanks or long ranged units.

The artifacts section is a bit confusing. They sped through it in the tutorial section. Could have better explanation for that one.

Overall, it's a pretty simple and straight forward game mechanic. I do wish there'd be a skip stage button, it gets tiring and repetitive once you start farming materials 😅

[ Edit: Stages have lessened the difficulty and there were lots of character changes (rarity changes, skills have different effects, some artifacts are bugged). It's definitely not at its best. There has been a skip button for the farming stages which has been really great! I wish event stages have it too because it's not fun to do the same stage over and over again 😅

Also, I think the event missions are a bit impossible. Someone calculated it over on Twitter but even if you log in daily and use all your stamina, you won't be able to clear the "use x amount of event tickets" mission. ]

Storyline: I like it! It's interesting though you do get smacked with lots of character building right off the jump.

My friend and I compared the uncensored (from erolabs) and censored (google play) versions. We genuinely did not find any difference from the features or writing. Maybe it's saved for the cards but for the story and secret room features, it's pretty much same. The difference we found was the pre-register awards. You get Mammon in Erolab version and Leviathan in the google play one.

[ Edit: Found the difference between Google Play and Erolabs! Once you reach Erolevel 5 in the intimacy room, the Erolab versions trips the character~ ]

Sound: 👍👍👍👍👍.

Gacha: The gacha rates are bit like Revue Starlight. It highly depends on your luck and RNG since there's no guarantee to get any character regardless of how many pulls. There's no "100 pulls to get a A or above" character thing. Getting devils is also difficult in the greater (gold) keys. I've had more luck pulling with the lesser (red keys). I used 500 keys given on the 1st day and only got 3 new characters (one was a duplicate of Mammon) but that is the nature of gacha after all.

I do recommend saving keys for a bit since the developers plan to raise gacha rates for A rank and above character around November.

Card raising: Straightforward and confusing at the same time. Everything is shown to you on screen but the format is a bit confusing. Instead of showing "items you have / items you need" format, it's the opposite. Farming for gold is necessary early game since it's the most used resource for upgrading both characters and artifacts.

When you click an item, it also doesn't show you where to get said item. It just gives you a description. This is more of a personal thing since I'm more used to games telling me where to farm a certain item.

Overall, I'd give it a 5 out of 10. Without the bugs and glitches, it's just a gacha game with not much to do in it at the moment. But it's pretty promising!
HARU 地獄のどこが悪い?


KMRamos 地獄のどこが悪い?


This game is bonkers. It made me laugh more than it made me feel weird. It has a lot of flaws and a looooot of improvements. Like there are crashes sometimes, more battles than story, features not complete, overcrowded server and...last but not the least, how they wrote the story.

But anyways, for my review...

Graphics. 9/10. Very beautiful and breathtaking cards. But I don't get why they have these kind of art only to half-ass it with Satan's default sprite. As much as I love him and I'm a Satan main, his default sprite is
U G L Y! His selfie card and CGs are making me forgive that but then I have to see that ugly side of him during the story. Eugh. Oh, and their chibis also feel so rushed and half-ass lol. Not the ones in battle, cause that's cute but the one's in the Secret Club.

Also let me just say as a special mention. HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE THIGHS ON LEVI?!?! Like daaaaaaaaaaamn. Is it bad that I wanna leave bite marks on his smooth skin? Lmao

Sound. 10/10. *insert Patcha meme* Perfect moans and groans. My favorite is Phenix. Nothing sounds PLEASURE like him. Oh, and I also love it whenever I'm messing with them in the Ero zone. Fave O face: Satan. Totally not because I'm a Satan main.

Gameplay. 7/10. Eh. It's so grindy but then I'm not in a rush so I can do that slow and steady. It's like a weird tower defense but I'm cool with it. There's too many battles tho and I kinda wanna read the story already.

Storyline. 4/10. Yes, I did say that I wanna read the story and the battles are just going on forever. BUT!
As a writer myself and a reader of smut, this game is a BAD example lmao. If they're aiming for an NSFW VN, you're going to get turned off from the words they're using.

But it's understandable since this game is not restricted and minors can still have access to it. However, they're playing hopscotch between making it the NSFW VN-like game that they promised and a VN game for all ages. In the end, that indecision makes this a hodgepodge of a mess.

Value. N/A. I ain't spending on anything anymore. XD

All and all, and to be fair, this has been weirdly hooking me. I usually get bored easily with VNs with bad translation, but the VN UI is okay, but better than FGO that looks like it's a default RPGmaker dialogue box lmao. The story is interesting to me. Graphics and sounds are amazing! But dudes, omg, I kennat with how they write the hot scenes lmfaooo. 😂

Oh, and the gacha for Greater Keys is baaaaaaaaaaad. A little better with the updates now and thanks for the 300 Lesser Keys! They're all gone btw.
NaoChan 地獄のどこが悪い?


Wow i didn't know this existed in QooApp Hahahaha.

Short REVIEW!!

The game revolves of MC being Solomon Descendant and have contracts with all of the devils including the 7 deadly sins.
A lot of Bugs, But I'm Having Fun.
Take note that this is an 18+ Games which includes ykyk stuffs. It has Devil Tango Scenes like that.
I already got a lot of those L Cards so yeah goodluck playing.

I almost forgot to mentiom but the MC Can be Male or Female.
Crow 地獄のどこが悪い?


I use the Google Play version (mostly because I have some event stuff on it and even if I wanna switch to the other there's no way to cross my data over... whoops!)

I really like this game a lot, the translations definitely need to be a bit better. I also don't understand the censorship for WHB, since some cards it's okay to show some things but not for others????? anyway, make sure you start off right by using the Erolabs version NOT Google Play!

The other thing I don't understand is why I can't have both versions on my phone at the same time. I would like to use both versions at my convenience.

Edit: I am finally switching over to the Erolabs version! (Hopefully there will be event reruns eventually)
Ichi San 地獄のどこが悪い?


The story is GREAT so far. But the mechanics are so fiddly. Also I love the demon characters, Ppyong, Minhyeok and the MC has a very unique personality. The idea of enjoying 18+ desires in a place with no shame is very freeing. But it does seem summoning the rare hotties will be very hard to do so I'm not sure how long I will keep this up for.
Monichi ✨ 地獄のどこが悪い?


This game is just hilarious for me ! From my opinion , this game is good for anyone who wants to play a game other than "Obey Me!"

The graphic of this game is good , nothing special from it .
Gameplay of this are interesting . . . !
( Had to be honest , I was shocked while playing this game . )
The storyline is pretty much just hilarious !
characters and designs are alright . . and their voice too !

That's all that I could say . Its really nothing special about it but I had a good laugh while playing it !
( And some scenes that got me speechless . )

(-What I'm trying to say that this game is mid.)
Sangwoo 地獄のどこが悪い?


I will list likes and dislikes.

-Amazing art.
-Fun cutscene when summoning.
-Storlyline is topnotch, I had so much fun through the first chapters I read.
-I really enjoy the mini game with touching the boys.

-Expensive prices at store.
-Gatcha rates are ok but feels a bit random.
-Repetetive battles that get boring, very slow ultimate animation to the point that you will probably finish faster not using them.
-Levling affection with demons is a slow process 😪 I am already dreading amount of exp needed for higher levels.
-The story fizzles out after some chapters and nothing much happens.

I updated this review since the game has seen a lot of patches since release.
Tomoyakyun 地獄のどこが悪い?


It isnt that bad definitely needs alot of improvements but i see alot of potential with this! the graphics are pretty the artists they hired did a good job!! ( Satans Sprite is a bit questionable though ) overall i enjoy it and i hope they fix the bugs we currently have and improve!

id like to smack Leviathans ass too ty[委屈][委屈]
Sherlha Thamura 地獄のどこが悪い?


To be honest the story with 5 books of Solomon as reference is awesome. The developer indeed have done their research. The sigils, the seals and the magic circles.. Including the Greater and the Lesser key and Aleister Crowley!!

I like the art but I don't like the in-game play tho..

The rate drop is so low and EROLABS always crashing. IF you often use the Skill or the Ultimate skill, the game will freeze.. You need to force close and re-open the apps again and you have to do the story again. Pray it won't freeze this time.
Crystal Genshin 地獄のどこが悪い?


I came for my horned bois ans thwy satisfied my eyes real well.
Just wanna say the gameplay is still a bit buggy, but so far they've managed to fix most of it.
ミサ 地獄のどこが悪い?


I love this game so much! Graphics are amazing...the voice...hell yeah! Gameplay is fun and the only thing which is not so good are the prices in this game. But if you play long enough you almost get all the hotties to satisfy your needs🥰


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