WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム> 評価

sollux. WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


(Copied from my review on the Closed Beta Test version)

A cute and fun idle tapping game with pet simulator and city building elements with adorable creatures and calming pastel colors. It has a really relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The tutorial is a bit slow, but it's worth it. The customisation in the game is also really great - you can decorate stuff and dress up your creatures freely and even take photos with them. Gets difficult to advance after a while though, but I still like it. I strongly recommend you to try it :)
Thaao Hanshew WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


Its a pretty simple idle/clicker/incrimental game. Very cute and charming. Lots of little things to keep you from burning out like cooking and dressing up your wizzes. You will HAVE to watch ads or pay mtx to advance eventually though, which is annoying. No option to be f2p and ad free. Thankfully the ads are still optional when you want to view them (so for example, once you run out of ad tickets and get a mission to do fountain show, you can wait until you want to start the show and ad. No ads forced on you suddenly). If you cram in optional ads, you will be watching one every 5 minutes or so. But i ignore most ads and just do the free gacha ads now and then when I run out of other things to do in the game, so I watch 3 ads in a row every 20 minutes or so while I do other things away from the phone. You are rewarded for watching ads in general, watch one for whatever reason and you get an additional ad point. Save up these to buy premium currency, ad skip tickets, or even premium gacha pulls.

There are 3 gacha: Wiz gacha which gets you items to dress up your little creatures, Whale gacha which gets you items to place on your whale's blowhole, and Pet gacha which can win you little pets for your Wizzes.

Basic gameplay will be leveling up your ammenities which auto produce gold for you. Then you hatch and raise Wiz creatures to auto produce hearts for you. You then use gold and hearts to level them up more. When youre not leveling up and hatching, you can decorate, dress up, feed pets, feed the whale, pet the whale, clean the whale, poke the blowhole for hearts and gold, take pictures of whale and Wizzes, and open clams that randomly appear. Oh and collect ingredients and cook. And probably more I havent doscovered yet (I am only whale level 7).

Missions keep you on track to leveling up and you MUST do them to level up your whale (which is basically like a player level) as this is the only way to get the water droplets. Sadly sometimes these will require you to watch an ad but it is very rare... I have been playing all afternoon into the late evening and I would say the game only forced me to watch 2 or 3 ads total to continue.

If you absolutely hate ads you can buy ad skip tickets for real money. i think it is like $3 to skip the next 50 ads, maybe cheaper overall if you buy more at once.

There are limited costumes you can only get through mtx. And a single wiz costume is like $5... it also comes with gems (premium currency) so youre basically buying a gem pack but still $5 for a costume is steep. But I really want that bee costume... hahaha.

There are also other packs you can buy that contain skip tickets and stuff. And then limited time packs and stuff... as expected from freemium games.

And of course there are offline earnings, and as you level up your whale you will be able to increase the amount of time you can spend offline before being limited.

In the time you spent reading all this you probably could have figured out all this on your own by downloading the game, but if you want to know the opinion of someone 5+ hours in hardly using ads and no mtx, I can say its pretty worth the time sink if you like the aesthetic. Only thing I am worried about is the game will probably slow to a crawl soon, as all these games do, and I will just be logging in now and then to click a few things and quit. At least I feel like I am making progress clicking clams and tending to my Wiz needs (as it increases their heart level, something you can only increase while actively playing).

Anyway just go try out the game. It seems pretty quality for a free idle game.
radityaafifanto WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


Impression :
I will review it later (hold-on)

Pros :

Cons :

Graphics :

Sound :

Gameplay :

Storyline :

Value :

Conclusion :
WinterWolf_01 WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


The game itself it's really cute and relaxing. Doesn't burden you with something difficulty to do.
I love it.
CLVVRRR WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


It has the same gameplay system from one of the game that I've been playing for so long and I think some of the users here knows what I'm talking about.

The game itself is very good and satisfying -- I like how the ad based rewards are not forceful and you can really progress even without them. Because you can just use those ad based rewards if there is a mission for it.

The only downside of this game is that everything is literally effin' bright -- from opening the game, effects and stuff. Is this game promoting for everyone to wear a sunglasses even the children that will play this game? Haha. My eyes heart everytime to be honest that's why even tho it's really good for my preferences -- I really won't be able to play this for long. Tho kudos to the maker of this game. Keep up the good job ~
Sterben13 WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


Christhunder1994 WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


マーリン WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


Clearly WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


Very cute
hjxsd WITH : ~空とぶ夢色くじら~<癒し系放置型ゲーム>


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