RPG アスディバインメナス - KEMCO 評価

Cloud-gazer Game Hunter RPG アスディバインメナス - KEMCO


Asdivine Menace is the sequel to Asdivine Dios, and I honestly like the additional mobs and the new villain, Nemesis.
Ending-wise, I like this more than its prequel because this gives me more room to fangirl over the characters without the obligatory option of choosing the harem (which I believed broke Dios' harem trope, at least for Izayoi). I really like the new characters especially Litany and Neileus! And if you monitored into this game's prequel closely, you would know that the three new characters made a cameo as the crazed sprites during the Corruption Stage.
There's more to explore in the game as the world-building extends to multiple worlds.

The gameplay is quite similar to the newer KEMCO games that has a turn-based racing system, it's pretty much simple.
Diao Chan RPG アスディバインメナス - KEMCO


The new similar SNES game.
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