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Lance• フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


TBG Toy Story hahaha.
well atleast they have concept and changed woody and buzz lightyear too anime toys.

pros: its f2p friendly, can be main game, its for all genders since it has waifus and husbandos, no energy spent to run chapters. it can run on 32/64bit mobile phones.

cons: so many servers, p2w can dominate too much, gacha for 10 pulls a bit too much 3000 gems it would be better if its 1200-1500.

overall its 8.7/10

redeem codes#1:
treasure2022 , lucky2022 , figure2022

codes #2:
YUKI888 , moonshine , lostpause

shoutout to "beauty princess" for codes#1
& to "Epic7Global" for code#2 on qoo-app. TY

For My Collection of youtube gamer codes.:


Like my post so that everyone could see it rather than bottom do not be a leech spread the love.
Mirishikiari フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


wow the game name is the figures fantasy that's make sense and l like it, I brake my favorite figure long time ago i was so sad and I'm still, but this game is perfect for me[賣萌][賣萌][賣萌] 💯💯
Hải_sama フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


game hay quá, có ae Việt nào trước chơi chưa nhỉ, điểm danh cái [開心][開心][開心]
Remsirp フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Real Time Strategy. Max 5 Figure in a battle.
The game is quite generous at the start.
The gameplay is okay, you can get through easily as long you set the formation right.
You can interact with the figure. Some of them able to dance and you can set it on AR.
There's idle reward you can collect when you online.
Mashiro Game Hunter フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Graphics : 5/5 | Animasi 3D gini udah bagus banget

Sound : 3/5 | Biasa aja sih. voice english suaranya kurang enak didenger, ditambah ketutupan bgm. dan yang jp rasanya kayak ada karakter yg make VA yg sama, masalahnya adalah tipe suaranya ga diubah (karakter laki seinget gua) jadi sebagai player agak risih denger VA dengan tipe suara yang sama tapi dalam karakter yang berbeda. tapi bgmnya dah cocok sama gamenya kok, dari lobby maupun dalem story ok.

Gameplay : 5/5 | Gameplaynya sama kayak game idle umumnya. rewardnya juga bagus setiap selesaiin story. rate gachanya lumayan gede. hadiah top upnya bagus

Storyline : -/5 | Gua gabaca storynya

Value : 4,5/5
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Figure Story เกมมือถือธีม 3D "Model" ในเวอร์ชั่นภาษาอังกฤษที่สุดก็มาแล้ว โหลดมาเล้นกะนได้เลยจ้า

Figure Story เกมมือถือธีม 3D "Model" เกมแรก "Model Girl AWAKE" กำลังจะมา! ที่นี่คุณจะกลายเป็นเจ้าแห่งนางแบบและสัมผัสประสบการณ์การผจญภัยที่ยอดเยี่ยมในประสบการณ์แกะกล่องขนาดเล็กของโลกดั้งเดิม การพัฒนาระบบแบบจำลอง แหล่งข้อมูลมากมาย การจัดวางและการพัฒนาแบบสบาย ๆ มาไขความลับของนางแบบโมเดล และแบ่งปันความสุขความ โกรธความเสียใจ และปกป้องโลกกับพวกเขา !
#Guide #Review
ПростоКто-то フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Игра мне понравилась. Геймплей (по моему субъективному мнению) не плохой, графика радует глаз. Гача мне не показалась жадной, на момент написания этого отзыва (играю 2й день) уже есть пару золотых персонажей (в том числе недавно выбитые мной Ксанта Кейн и Аои). На счёт сюжета сказать не могу, ибо мои знания английского языка не велики.
Вывод: Игра неплохая, с хорошей графикой и не сильно жадной гачей. Думаю, что попробовать стоит.
И да, если Вы беспокоитесь по поводу того, что игра будет много весить, то я хочу вас обрадовать. Англ версия весит мало, при входе нет почти никаких внутреигровых загрузок (внутреигровые загрузки занимают всего 60 с лишним мб, если я не ошибаюсь), так что можете смело качать
El フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Tengo el Agradecimiento de poder haber provado la version beta y la version japonesa y es un juego que no defraudara a nadie
mas su sistema de combate automatizado es simple y puedes pensar en estrategias o ver videos si quieres mientras se juega
Tambien los personajes son muy hermosos se les dedico detalles muy grandes y los escenarios y la historia muy bien trabajada

espero que la verdion global no tenga alguna diferencia de mecanicas que las versiones occidentales
Winllow フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Пока что годно, в первый день, 10к алмазов, 7 голд персов, гача не жадная, и да что бы получить много плюшек(не забывайте про коды), советую опробовать.
ĐánhGiáDạo フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Tựa game rất hay trên nhiều mặt, tuy nhiên cần cải thiện lối chơi và ra nhiều chế độ game để đa dạng và tránh bị nhàn chán
Andrew Barian Quispe Garcia フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


desde un principio este juego me llamo mucha la atencion por los personajes y su estilo, es un buen juego si te gusta el diseño dinamico de personajes o si te gusta coleccionar figuritas. Pero es un juego con jugabilidad automatica algo asi como Illusion Conect es algo entretenido, depende tambien del gusto de cada jugador. Es un juego recomendado y un dato que me gusta es que su Gacha es muy amable.
★_Loli_TNT_Spectre_★ フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


O jogo é Maravilhoso, super Viciante e eu garanto que ele vai te fazer perder bastante tempo.. com uma ajudinha do Tradutor é claro ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ assim que você começar a entender a mecânica do jogo (Tactics) e o objetivo diário dele, você vai querer avançar mais e mais no progresso com suas Unidades.

{Edição do comentário da versão Chinesa}
Finalmente saiu a versão inglesa, o jogo não decepciona no Iddle nem em inovação de eventos.

{tamanho Atual : 3,7GB} (Global pode ser maior ou menor por causa da quantidade de conteúdos).

Frase absoluta:
Google Lens Facilita sua Vida.
Mesmo sendo Inglês ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
Crave4This フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


I literally just played for 1hr and got me playing overnight like how is this game so addicting lol [開心][開心]
noor P フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


you just need to login 10 minutes each day to play this game, nice idle game for busy workers
Counterside 2 2 フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Kinda like toy story. But the owner is aware of the toys being sentient. Story wise it's pretty meh.

The Good:
Art style is unique. The units look like actual figurines.
Plenty of game modes and lots of events.
Lots of premium currency. F2P friendly.
Guaranteed SSR/5* for every 3 multi (30 pulls)
Partially idle game. No need to be playing actively.
Voice acting is good.
Gameplay is great. The ultimates have good impact animation.

The bad:
Typical Idle game. Some of the items are just beyond reach and are locked behind paywalls. These are not essential items, but still feels bad .
Dupes... Lots of dupes... A ton of dupes are required to max out a unit (18 to be specific). But on the bright side, it's enough to max out only 5 units as levels are shared betweeen units.
I hate one specific ultimate sound!! Damn you Yuna and your Rororororororo!!!
Nato Reyes フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


-Worth Playing?
Short version: For me, it's at least worth trying out if you like figurines.

Long version:
First and foremost, it's an idle game. So some people might not like those.

I'll go out of my way and say that the pvp will be dominated by whales, but that should not matter because the rewards are not really that great, so ranks are really just for flex. To me at least.

Here's the part where some will not like more. We need dupes of the unit or the unit with the same faction to limit break the unit for more stats and lvl. Those are vital for progression so some might even say it's a "paywall". But if you're patient enough then you'll overcome those like I did.

Another part that others might not like is the Idle System. Speedrunning the game is impossible unless you spend $$$. Even when you have the best units out there. You'll still won't have the mats to level up to max because those mats are mostly gained with idling. That's just how it works.

The gameplay can be summarize as: Setting up units on a 3x3 tiles and let things play out.
But it's not always a brain dead game like putting random units and it's an auto win, no. Some stages or modes needs strategy here.

My very first advice. NEVER PULL ON THE BRAND EXCLUSIVE BANNER IF YOU'RE F2P. Yes, I have to all caps that. Pulling there is really not worth it. Those units might be decent but it's not worth pulling since you need more dupes which is harder to get and you need the currency (Fuli stars) for collab events. But hey, if you don't mind missing out on collabs then feel free to ignore my advice.

Second, Don't use all your Diamonds on "In Stock" Banner unless you're really stuck. We can at least get 1 ticket pull per day and free pull every other day. If you're going to use your diamonds then it might be better to pull on rate up or collab. Main Collab units needs the standard diamonds to pull.

To be more clear, Fuli Stars on collabs are needed to get either skin (During Miku's Collab) or another collab unit (Currently at the time of this review, The Slime Collab). This one does not need rng since we just need to use a certain amount of Fuli Stars to obtain it. Probably around 150-ish to 200. It might be a lot but as a f2p myself, I can say that it's possible to reach it. Unless, you just started a new account during collab. The main collab units however needs Diamonds and it's rng. But there are ways to get the main collab character for free.

Third advice here is that purple rarity units are pretty good in early to mid game. They're easier to limit break
and usuable until around Chapter 16 to 19. Your lvled or even maxed purple can be used to lvl up the higher rarity in the future and the things you use to lvl them can be reset and 100% return to you. You just need 10 diamonds to reset it. It's a very small amount so don't be stingy since we can get 120 diamonds a day on dailies.

Events stages so far are pretty much f2p since we don't use our owned units. There's a preset units ready on stage, we just need to set it up properly.
As for the puzzle and dice events, I'd say that the rewards are adequet enough. But I'm sure it's still not enough for some since there are rewards that f2p won't really reach.

-My Advice on Dice Events for F2p
If you want to try to max out your rewards on dice events.
Save the In Stock card currency and Fishbones. It's to get more dice rolls and for you to not waste your diamonds on In Stock Banner. The things you'll get there are more of an rng since it's a dice but if you can get a choosable dice, I'd say go for Fuli or go for more dice for more rounds. If you choose for more rounds then go until you finish round 2 for the stickers, the stickers is for Moe Store currency.

-Collab Events
Like I said awhile ago, Fuli stars for skin/unit and diamonds for main collab unit. The rarity of the unit obtainable using Fuli stars scales off from the main collab unit. So it's vital to increase the rarity of the main collab unit. If a player manage to get at least 1 copy of the main collab unit then it's possible to increase its rarity via "Moe Store" when the collab event is over. Just take note that Moe Store currency will take some time to earn. Maybe 2-3 events for 1 copy? Still, it's possible. However if you missed the collab or didn't manage to also get the free copy then you won't be able to buy it, which is fair for me. And there's also no way to get the skin/unit that needs Fuli stars after the event is over.

All in all for me, I still think it's the best idle game out there. But to be a fair review. If you're f2p, you'll need to be patient. If you don't have patience then you'll just be frustrated hitting "walls" every now and then.
Kazumio フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Amei esse jogo, não é só jogar os personagens no campo e fds, tem que saber fazer uma estratégia e posicionar bem os personagens
Aldrin Dennis Dela Pena (Drine) Game Hunter フィギュアストーリー | 英語版


Graphics is well design even the title screen to home screen, characters design and battle system (real time battle 5 line up).

Sound- background music is nice, the VA is either English or Japanese to choose from based on your prefer.

Gameplay- Nothing new beside there are figures, like toy story running across city fighting fellow figures, toys and Cats 😿

tutorials is helpful and skip if you know already how things going, ui is easy to navigate, such as shortcuts etc. there are plenty of things to do. but repeative means get bored but that's rpg for you.

Gacha rate seem fair but i got few SR only. still lots of freebies and code giveaways. i don't know about late game but i think it's f2p friendly.

Value- 4/5 for me, At first i was skeptical but after giving it a try, it's not so bad rather it's enjoyable and great time killer. Storage including patch 3.55gb.

Mid spec device like POCO X3 can run with high/HD settings but not ultra.


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