Spades Hiroki (SpadesHiro) REAL RACING NEXT


It's about time I give this game a review from simracing perspective as NEXT actually brings positive change to Real Racing 3's questionable handling. But to make it short, I'll put a bullet list instead

What's good?
- graphically a step up, and unlike what's been officially told it actually runs on a 2-year old midrange (Snapdragon 660)
- car no longer spins out if you force the car to turn more than the game allows you to. This is something that makes the realistic aspect of RR3 fades away very fast
- Since it's early access, the zero need of fuel or repair is a very good approach
- penalty system that actually penalize you pretty harsh for cutting the corner

what's bad
- heavy understeering on all cars, followed by the car "drifting" while still maintaining grip. You can't even force the car to lose grip even if you "throw" the wheel hard.
- brake seems to be almost non-existent
- both of the issue above combined into one makes cornering awfully slow than what you can do irl or at least in modern simracing title
- AI seems to be too easy even if you get penalized several times
- even with all assist off, game seems to be giving you some sort of forced assist like TC and SC, it needs a more in-depth option for experienced player

what can be improved
- controller support, it's early access I know but I do hope they keep the tradition alive
- bodykit / external customization
- more track options with different layouts
- manual transmission option
- multiplayer option with collision (ghosting is only enabled during accident and in a condition where a car is about to hit others in a high speed that essentially can end into a murder)

I know this is still early access, but I do hope RR Next can finally be the simcade that brings fun and challenges for both casual and on-the-go simracers as the market currrntly lacks one. Assoluto Racing while a great candidate for simcade, doesn't have consistent updates and goal to keep people going other than for a quick lobby fun.


Graphics,sound,handling,physic so.much better than RR3.Only downside is p2w element using season pass and lootbox.
Maichail Jaaziel Labramonte REAL RACING NEXT


I can't access the game, I'm stuck on the Thanks for playing screen.
Bangkhom Buaporn REAL RACING NEXT


good 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
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