Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー 評価

Isaac Cheung Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


The gameplay is what lets down this game good potential. I noticed how great the UI is with all the animations. You start of thinking “Woah everything is so shiny” and unlocking a song makes you feel all tingly. Just another trademark of supercell

It starts out with good momentum, introducing gameplay elements, but then as you play harder levels and aim for better scores you start to notice how uphill it all is.

For one, phone screens with massive heat sensitivity, like newer phones, end up being a huge detriment to the note detection. The game will completely ignore notes if the monitor is slightly moist, even if the sweat from your hand isn't even visible. You can spend the premium currency of gems to continue. I did that once and I missed the note right after the one I paid to correct and lost again.

Meaning, some of you have to dry your hands mid-level if you want to do well. The song literally ends if you miss one note, and you either give up or pay more gems. It's also worth mentioning that you run out of space to store “card boxes” shortly reaching level 2.

The game uses it giving you free cardbox tokens per level attempt as an excuse to quickly fill up your 3 spaces so you feel obliged to unlock boxes instantly. And yes, once all your card box slots are filled, you are literally locked from playing any songs, not even for practice. Songs take longer and longer to unlock, which is reasonable, but holy hell does opening a box lose its charm quick.

Soon you'll beat all the songs you have in your collection it'll just be playing the song you hate the least for the nth time to get more card boxes. Then you come back after 3 hours, repeat the process until you unlock another song by Ariane Grande or something.

While it does occasionally treat you with free cards and instant unlock times via ads, it doesn't excuse the over-incentivisation for paying players. But that's just freemium games, I suppose.

Overall, it diverts from typical rhythm games enough for it to not feel like a typical rhythm game, so thats a plus. However, the frustration of dying because you missed a single note, has led me to the conclusion that this game is unsuitable for rhythm game enjoyers who just want to do combos to fast songs. It makes it a big deal when it was just one error that would've been normally overlooked in Japanese rhythm games

Good if you want a break from the FULL COMBO vibe, bad if you want to apply the same principles of what you know to this newer gameplay style
Чвякень Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


как же заебало ждать по три/пять часов чтобы поиграть 6 минут
blourp Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


gets boring fast.
at first it seems like you'll get a bunch of new songs, but, after a while youll see yourself stuck in a vicious cycle of playing the song u tolerate the most to try and get a small sum of coins, TO THEN hopefully unlock the box and if the GOD of RNG blesses you, a new song, if not: rinse and repeat.
TíoCristian Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


un juego bastante bueno.
para ser un juego de musica, tiene bastante variedad buenas mecánicas, graficos estables, y las compras son estables, pero alavez siento que le falta mas eventos al juego entre lo demas todo esta bien recomendado
Kev _D Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


j'aime beaucoup ce jeux pour moi c'est le meilleure jeux de piano sur téléphone musiques incroyables et diverses , beaucoup d'objectif que l'ont peux ce mettre en tête et le classement est super si on peux proposé des idées ou des musique pour amélioré j'aimerai beaucoup vous les dire
Gu57avo Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


it's a fun game while it lasts, but it comes a point when you can only play one song per day if you don't want to pay, but that's the monetisation system, in terms of the gameplay, i wish the track where the notes come from was longer, because the notes aren't necessarily fast, but you still don't see them coming sometimes
DeadRedAngel Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


The gameplay is quite nice, music is put in high quality but what kinda ruins it is how it feels p2p because you can only play for a certain amount of time because everytime you finished or play a song you get tokens to open boxes and once all 3 slots are filled ur nkt allowed to play anymore and it just immediately puts up a in game purchase to pay to continue playing without having to stop which is annoying due to other rhythm games have the same system byt it allows u to play even after u have boxes waiting to be unlocked. At times the game would not register button press which can make you fail to complete the song. Overall the game is pretty good with its gameplay and its current available musics but what it sets back is the boxes system and unregistered touches that happens during playing
Lalexander Romero Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


que paso con los anuncios son una basura antes no te ponian uno por toda la cara cuando terminabas una musica o perdias una
Zuchi Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


You'd definitely be grinding for more songs, unless you're willing to pay for some[暈]

What I like the most of Beatstar is that there's an option to get a few extra (2, usually) cards via watching an ad. It helps alot if you're the type to hoard songs!

The worst thing would be the increase in the amount of cards needed to open a case. From 5 to 10, then 15 and the rest. It's most definitely a grinding game, but the beat notes aren't that hard to hit.

So, all in all it's pretty good.

Moreover, there isn't any 'collectibles'. That way, the only thing we'd focus on is the game[厲害]

Give it a try! (I played this just for Ado, really. Haven't seen a peek of her songs, wondering if it's just the ads[大哭])
Sou Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


overall it's good game ,smooth and perfectly clean , it doesn't irritates eyes while playing ,good color combinations between the tiles and background .but unfortunately this game not suitable for newbie or slow finger ,even in "normal" i found it's too hard ,they should adjust the normal speed to keep it normal ,the increasing speed should applicable only in hard and above .
Noa・々 Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


Il reprend le gameplay de Piano Tiles 3 mais la on des sliders et seulement 3 lignes, il propose une tres grandes variété de musique connu mais personnellement je trouve que le système pour les débloquer demande beaucoup trop temps.
Ruben Ferreira Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


Overall a great game, I found some issues whne using Bluetooth headphones even after syncing it, the sounds from the game menu is not synced.
The game also has a huge variety of songs to play.
ViktoriaBTS Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


i think some reviews on other app stores arent telling what this game actually is. most get upset at tiny pop ups about "spend $9.99 and get these items", rather than the game itself.

So lets begin. its a tap rhythm game, much like the style of piano tiles with a tiny twist. this game is LICENSED. i believe i read somewhere its got connections to Interscope Records, an American record company. so the game only consists of their signed artists. people like Lewis Capaldi, The Chainsmokers, Lil Tecca, Ariana Grande, etc. the list goes on. So the game ONLY adds and features songs from that music company.

anyway, ive been playing every day for a few weeks. its a great time passer! when im early for work, its my go to. it doesnt make you play full songs, i think its only 1-2 minutes of a song, sometimes its shorter. ive unlocked 50+ songs, and have yet to buy anything from said tiny pop ups. the game has also begun giving out "free songs" when an artist releases a new album. its quite nice!

you can earn blue gems twice a day for free just by opening the app. those gems add up quickly, and can be used to by new songs in the shop. or you can use them to unlock song crates (speed up the unlocking process, anyways). they also have a side event where you earn these purple coins by playing 2/6 specific songs, and those coins go towards a reward tier. im at tier 23 as of writing this review. [暈]

over all, if you havent tried the game yet, give it go! give it chance, just like you would a random tinder date. the game is centered around how often you play, though. but a few times a day seems to do the trick well enough.
Sheira Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


Seru bgt .. this is very great game.. So many songs i like[色色]
x-ItรKΐ Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


piano tiles? que es eso yo solo conozco beatstar, que no beastar
Hel Dis Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


please update to latest version, i cant play 😢
john kk Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


fantastic game. i love everything about it except the fact that it locks you from playing a song once all the music boxes have have been filled up and now you have to wait for three hours to 8 hours to play a new song. it really screws with the momentum. otherwise its a fantastic game.
Toji Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧ this game is amazing!
the song choices are MASSIVE, there are 6+ genres of music, and very "differenciated" interface from most music games! the only thing i have to complain is that sadly, the boxes not only take a lot of time to gather, but take up to 24 hours, that sometimes doesn't even unlock a song
Gabriel Santana Beatstar:公式音源で遊ぶ音ゲー


Um jogo de música bom, que quanto mais se avança, mais demora a se conseguir músicas, o que é de certa forma um problema. A dificuldade é boa, mas se você se acostumar, acaba quase sempre conseguindo pontuações altas em músicas comuns, e as mais legais de se jogar se tornam as difíceis e as extremas. O jogo atualizou e nele foi implementado eventos com passe para pegar músicas de forma mais rápida, o que é um avanço, porém o jogo enjoa rápido. Um bug tremendo que tem me irritado é o fato do touch quase sempre falhar em alguma música mesmo você tendo a absoluta certeza de que clicou, isso atrapalha toda a pontuação que você possa obter durante a música. Sinceramente, se corrigirem isso e adicionarem meios mais rápidos de conseguir músicas, e disponibilizarem mais músicas, o jogo ficaria incrível. Nota: 8,5/10.


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