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This is a typical 3d rpg game that likes to squeeze out your hard-earned money(or ur allowance) until nothing comes out...

Played for few hours, and I didnt like it... too p2w...
also I refused to pay for this kind of game(experienced it and I regret paying).

Things that I didnt like:
• Vip shit stuffs (gives privilege)
• exp boost (still needs to pay for those so these gives more benefit for whalers and those who can pay)
• Everything increases your power level (like seriously, avatar gives you more power level? what a joke)
• Ui is terrible (A lot of buttons in the gameplay and it is covering up the screen. as for someone who uses a phone, this irritates me because it makes it hard too see.) A lot of mmorpg has this kind. Can they just put a menu then put all those inside the menu? Zzzzz
• Autoplay (this will become more of a idle game and it is no fun, just leaving while the game farms your character)
• A lot to enhance (I mean thats one of the elements of a rpg game but still, thats a lot...)
• p2w arena(if ur a competitve player, getting to good arena rank means u need to spend a lot)

I'll admit that costumes are pretty cute but thats just it... nothing else i can compliment this.

Storyline, I cant even enjoy, so its hard also to appreciate the story..

At first, you'll enjoy the game but later you'll have to pay a lot just to increased your power and then realized that u've regretted spending in this game and wasting time playing it.

If u still think that this game is f2p friendly and review is a false, just play it for a week. then u'll realized the game is just boring and money hungry.
harumyuki Master Topia


your usual auto garbage. only good thing is the graphics, and it also ripped off elements from aura kingdom 2
takeru GT Master Topia


nice grafis,, like it,,
well,, lets view gameplay first
before instal n play this game 👇👇
Alen Dra Master Topia


wow nice Gameplay

clefie Master Topia


typical 'mmorpg' game like many other efun's game. it can be fun at first but then most players are dead (offline) and if you dont buy the expensive packages you'll probably stuck grinding for the rebirth or just defeating the ds realms. graphics are nice, storyline is KIND of interesting. the combat system is boring. mostly the auto will do everything for you and the dogde system doesnt work really well most of the time. characters are also genderlocked too which is a bummer for me. i dont really reccomend this game.
Lecaton Master Topia


Al entrar al mundo del juego me sentí algo estafado, engañado conmigo mismo por la impresión que tuve de la publicidad, las ideas que formé en mi cabeza al ver las capturas de pantalla en la página del store. Para empezar eliges una clase, la personalizas e ingresas. La calidad gráfica por defecto era media, pero incluso al ponerla al máximo no me pareció tan trabajada, aunque los "destellos" y otros aspectos visuales estén bien, carece de otros efectos visuales bien desarrollados como los que evitan que se vean algo dentados los bordes de las superficies que conforman los cuerpos de lo que aparece en pantalla, tampoco tiene abundancia de elementos en el mundo dejando algo vacío el paisaje. Con respecto a la impresión auditiva, el BGM es bueno pero pierde en los efectos sonoros de los ataques o de movimientos fuertes, además el trabajo del doblaje tampoco me agradó, la caracterización de algunas clases con su voz no cuadran, sentía que debían sentirse más inocentes o más jóvenes con cierta madurez (dependiendo del personaje). El gameplay fue un desastre desde el momento en el que empecé a batallar para desactivar constantemente el modo "auto", ni siquiera desactivando su opción en las configuraciones (settings) pude evitar que vuelva a activarse mientras peleaba.
Nota: Recuerda que todo lo de arriba es una opinión personal, tal vez tu impresión sea diferente, por lo que siempre es importante probar las cosas uno mismo (de tener la duda).
Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/XMXKEDys6DM .
arodi007 Master Topia


graphic is decent but the usual auto play gameplay like u cant move while u atk.
Armitshu Master Topia


watch the gameplay here. good mmorpg

Azan Kurniawan Master Topia


good game
7Lords Master Topia


Master Topia Gameplay: https://youtu.be/xjrA8S8M_-g
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Kenshin Zi Master Topia


awsome game guys.. easy to play and relaxing.. u should play this game i recommended it.. tq
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QUser57156431 Master Topia


Bom jogo
.Jimin. Master Topia


Good game~[賣萌]
Whilly Kusuma Master Topia


fix bug connection and T3 gears
beta zest Master Topia


Games review : https://linktr.ee/KOPI_TARIK_GAMING

"Master Topia" This was new mmorpg that release in early jan 2021. The games 3d graphic was quite nice and beautiful.

Aslo the gameplay systems is quite easy for beginner. This just mmorpg with auto attack battle systems.

At the beginning the games was easy to leveling until you reach level 150, the hardes part start here.

But the big issue for me is after i play the games around 20/30 minutes the games was freeze and force close.

I don't know ? maybe this is games bug or my phone don't meet games systems requirements. Anyway i enjoy it.

#Please take note : this games is free to play but you may need to buy a hero skin, equipment, item for better experience.

Overoll 3.5 /5 🌟🌟🌟

Full Gameplay :

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#mobilegames #kopitarikgaming
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Pretty cute
Andreas Rudy Christianto Master Topia


good game
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