X.E.N.O サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


Edit 2: Somehow i can play this game without vpn now, already trying it without vpn for 3 days. It's a good news, maybe SEGA already dropped the region lock.

Edit: Thanks for Ken Wong, i can log in using express vpn. Also, for you guys who need help with navigating the menus, check out notes by Leo Lionhart for menu translation guide.

The graphic is really good for me, they're using full animated 3D mix with VN style for story and still have that "Sakura Wars" style+vibe. You can expect a good art and animation (for mobile game) like what you see on their promotional pics/video. The UI also easy to navigate, pretty much straight forward telling you what each menu is used for.

The gameplay is quite simple, turn base battle and the arena is divided by 5 lane, this lane will determine your posisition between enemies and atk range. The game will show you an indicator if your atk range will reach the enemies or not and you can step back for defense/stay out from enemies. Also they have an elemental mechanics too. The animation for special atk when the gauge full is also good, it's in 3D.

The gacha is mediocre for me. The mix of chara pool with "amulet". Rate for 5* chara is 3% while amulet is 6%. Think of amulet as a equip to boost your chara stats, each amulet have different effect. Also, you need a dupe to limit break your chara, i don't find any otherway so far.

The rest of the features is nothing new, you can lvl up your chara, lvl up skill, lvl up amulet, limit break. Also you can change your chara's costume and increase their affection towards you. There's a stamina system, but i don't find it really annoying tbh. The waiting time is not really that long, just focus on main story first and you can do the rest of the quest later.

Overall, it's a good game for Sakura Wars entry, just ignore the bad part about region lock and the need to use vpn. A must try game if you like gacha game with turn base battle, a good visual almost full with 3D and eye catching art, also a smooth gameplay with straight forward tutorial so you can playing this game easily.
Leo Lionhart サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


I am familiar with the franchise and had played various versions of the franchise. Not a fan boy, just passionate.

This is a game for the fans of Sakura Wars franchise. If you are one of those OG idol anime fans, idols, songs, actions, mechas, this one has it all. If you are just a gamer looking for a game to play, this might not live up to your expectation.

Apologies for the belated review. Too many Notes to write.

Standard and simplified infos for gamers -
Progression & Difficulty -
Early Game: Looks easy
Mid Game: Can be handled with some thoughts
Late Game: Highly depending on gachas and further releases of different assets (like amulets)
End Game: I think only fans of the franchise can last till the end, but not hair-pulling insanity level

Time Consumption:Reward -
MG/SbCG Tier (refer to my Note on the terms, search #reviewformat).
If you are looking for massive rewards proportional to your time investment, this might not exactly be your cup of tea.
Approximately 2:1 or 1:1

Quick Reference for comparison:
I would rate -
Magicami at 1:2
JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop at 1:1
GBGW at 1:3 (To be explained in my Note on the over-compensation issue)
Aigis A at 2:1 (it's really a pain in the reward department)
Hero*Senki WW at 1:1
DanMachi - Memoria Freese at 1:2
Fighting Souls at 3:1
Zold:Out at 5:1
Terra Battle at 5:1
Goblin Slayer: Endless Revenge at 4:1 or 3:1
Monster Hunter Riders at 3:1 or 2:1

VAGS: (new review feature)
Visual - Standardized fair quality with above normal animation for signature moves
Audio - VA alone should put it above the usual pay grade
Gameplay - Standardized fair quality (leaning towards a resleeve//reskin version of FGO)
Story - if you are not a fan, you will give it low. If you are a fan, you will overrate. So it is in the acceptable range of normal. The plot may get interesting as the game develops.

Honest Review:
Let's just say I am not impressed, but I am satisfied with this game. It's hard to create a game that suits all needs. This one at the very least makes a slightly different battle system from FGO with its movement-and-attack option. Of course, you can talk with the pilots//idols//waifus in this game, so definitely a lateral upgrade?

Is this a great game? Not exactly if you focus on the gaming aspect. Is it a fair legacy of the original series? Debatable. Does it carry over all the elements of the original series? Pretty much, except you really strategize a lot in the gameplay department for the previous titles. This one, leaves you to luck and how much remedy you can salvage from the gacha wreckage.

This is a game made for fans, for the most of it. So if you are not a fan nor dedicated to the franchise, be nice, this is not a piece of trash. If you want trash, try Goblin Slayer - Endless Revenge, try LovePlus Every. Those trashes really don't need a re-introduction here.

Likewise, to the fans, this is not a god tier "best game ever". I understand your compassion, but there are flaws, and there will always be flaws. To truly love one franchise doesn't mean you have to bear those pains and bury it just so to protect the franchise from being attacked by angry gamers. Like what I have said on Fighting Souls, I voiced my opinion loud and clear, the developer sees the issues and develop ways to fix it. The game can only be better when the fans scream at the developers' faces. So voice out all the flaws, be passionate for your game and start a real Sakura Revolution! Help them revolutionize their game and improve it. Start a kakumei!

Just for fun: Raise your flag!
(Gundam reference for those poor orphans who still didn't get their game by 2020, guess it's another year to wait)

InwSiNoN サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


อัพเดท เกมใหม่ ตอนนี้ ไม่ต้องใช้ Vpn แล้ว สำหรับคนอยากเล่น ลุย หาคนทำข้อมูลเกมนี้ มีกลุ่มไหม?
アンデルソンうちは サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


nao é mais necessario usar vpn no game ( ´∀`)
eles tiraram o region lock e agora da pra jogar numa boa ^
Lumicchi サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


Graphic : awesome, even though i change to low quality still good looking to me but sadly only 30 fps ( it will be better if there's option change to 60fps )

Sound : well is sakura franchise its familiar to me

Gameplay : its feels like im playing old jrpg game but i really hate AP system just like FGO ( well i know is because DW )

Story : so far so good especially when shino following her mother path, hopefully she will meet her mother ( i believed nandeshiko )

Value : weeeeeeeeeeeelll its basicly like fgo so no comment

oh yeah if you wanna play using vpn like expressvpn or kiwi vpn

NOTE : I tried using my wifi and mobile connection without vpn and its works, i can play game without vpn ^^
Stera サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


Classic turn base sakura wars games with new heroine set in modern imperial tokyo, sadly this games need vpn whyy segaaaa [大哭] please take note you need vpn [發困]
เงา サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


เป็นเกมที่สนุกแล่ะ ยิ่งถ้าเป็นแฟนเกม ก็ยิ่งน่าเล่น แต่สำหรับผม ผมคงกลับมาหลังจากไม่ใช้vpnล่ะนะ555
yucca サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


Everyone be saying fix the damn mats drop rates, but anyway

Sakura Kakumei is a game from Sakura Wars series from 1998 (iirc) that is, compared to its prev games, modernized especially for newcomers to fit in for both you and longtime fans like me. Since this is DW, the gameplay is a lot similar to FGO, so yeah your NPs crits and all BUT add MOVEMENTS instead of Buster Arts Quick (this too is similar). Not the same ofc.

I'm using Vivo V7 so it's kinda heavy for me even in low setting but the 3D models and hissatsu animation are beautiful. Animated with Sakura Taisen in soul, which is what the game is. But what's most important is you can SKIP! the hissatsu (NP).

Tanaka Kouhei sensei [哇噻][哇噻]

In Sakura Kakumei, you're the captain or shirei. A lot similar to its sister but instead of Buster Arts Quick, you strategize your battle with your movements. The red button (move forward) for Buster, blue (stay) for Arts, and green (fall back and defend) for Quick. You don't gather crits stars, yes crits happen to be your luck so when red crits you hit twice and hard, blue for more charging hissatsu bars and green for harder defense. Now you as the captain can give your girls cover (invinsible to attack), change for reserved team and cheer a girl to fill up 30% charge bar for her.

It's similar.

3% for *5 ryoushi dress gacha rate is really kind compared to its sister's 1% or below for 5* servants. 6 10rolls for 1800 gems so far rewarded me three 5*, three of them are lvl 2/10 hissatsu. It's not a lie when you just don't get the servant you want for 1000 SQs or more. But Sakura Kakumei?

What's bad atm? (1.0)
Farmig for mats drops; yeah, the rates are super low, but I've seen some people managed to max their girls which is crazy to me so.

You like FGO, Sakura Kakumei is a must-try.
ルカ栞 サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


good luck SEGA/DW coz BAN ip
only JP sadly
ok now they remove BAN overseas
u can play normally
have fun [不滿][不滿]
Kyle Yoong サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


Graphics: Graphics is nice. NP (wanna use Fgo terms here haha) animation is fast but also flashy. Even the performance is fine too (consider it is from DW, if anyone is from FGO, you know)

Sound: Hey! It is Sakura Wars game you know.

Gameplay: Gameplay is fine. Strategy is needed compared to FGO since every character has different range. When enemy boss use ultimate you also at least can dodge the attack by watching their attack range, not just cast Invinsible to someone and watch other die (although some attack range is bigger)

Storyline: Has strong Sakura Wars feel. Government control the demon and use BLACK to hide their doing, so protagonist and the Imperial Combat Revue gather heroines around the Japan and try to fight back the government. Not only fight, they also perform as Imperial theater revue around the Japan to spread positivity and happiness. So far story is interesting, and BLACK is not entirely the bad guy since they just controlled by the Minister.

Value: It's DW.

Edit: Now I only realised that the NP can be skipped. lol Guess I will raise the rating a bit.
Keefe Khoo サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


Really fun turn based game, the free unit you start with is exceptionally strong too~ Farming for materials is extremely aids though lol.
Mark Go サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


The only thing I didnt like was the Bgm of the game. I cant get on the groove when i hear the bgm for some reason

edit: Im hooked at playing this game
DJTchannel サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


รู้สึกเหมือนFGO พร้อมเกลือ ปวดไตอีก
Dante Cotton サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


5-star rates are horrible in this game right out the gate which is an immediate red flag, not to mention it's region locked meaning you need a VPN to play. Can't believe I waited so long for this. Oh well. I hope Fantasia Rebuild doesn't let me down later this week.
EDIT: Looks like they removed the VPN require ment.
takeru GT サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


gacha gacha gacha,, [開心][開心]
oke, before instal and play this game
lets view gameplay & gacha first 👇👇
asdasdasd dasdasdad サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


DW improved from running FGO a lot, abd this is fruit of their studies. Never played the Sakura Wars before and greatly enjoyed the game. Sound and voiceover are very well done - not so msny big name seiyuus but all girls sound real and good! Graphics and soundtrack are very goo, sasuga DW.

Gameplay is your FGO where card types were replaced with grids and movement, overall not to hard to figure out. The rest of FGO is also here, CEs, master skills, "servant" skills, NPs, Ascension, daily dungeons, rock-paper-scissors weakness system..

If you enjoyed FGO you're probably gonna like this game. Give it a try, it's really good!

Also yesterday Marin from hololive played the game on stream, go check it out for gameplay!
Chatisit Jiamesakul サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


รัก โคบุน มากๆ gen ใหม่ก็ออกแบบสวย
Julius qin サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~


beside from region lock is good game.

edit : no region lock anymore that a good move.

gameplay is just turn base type n same like fgo, have command spell, NP bar.

graphic good n at least gacha rate a bit better than fgo LOL

overall is good game.
KængBud Fantasy サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~



ระบบเกมต่างๆก็ดีตามยุคสมัย เกมเพลย์ก็เล่นได้ไปเรื่อยๆ
ถึงแม้เกมนี้ที่เหมาะกับแฟนเกมSakura Taisen แต่ก็น่าเล่นใช้ได้

(และสำหรับใครคิดว่าเกมต้องมุดไหม ผมบอกเลยว่าไม่ต้องมุดครับ)
レッドバスター サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~




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