ĐậuXanh Hero Ball Z


Gameplay is nothing outstanding, suitable for players who do not like to manipulate much
shoyz Hero Ball Z


Decent idle game. If you don't mind manually having to fuse, you can farm gacha rolls as a F2P. Launch event gives a bunch of free SSRs for each 100 level-ups as well.
Soulzrel Hero Ball Z


If you ever played the game called 'Game of Dice' also by Joycity then you'll love this, This game have all the Characters from Game of Dice and it's an good idle game.

How to play:
You combine heroes with the same tier and it becomes a higher tier, If you combine 2 tier 10's (highest tier) you can get an random R hero, SR hero or even SSR (although rates are low, you can still get them by rewards :))

The game have daily rewards, weekly rewards and events. The game itself is rewardful so you don't need to pay. The pay to win rewards is also too good to be true.
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Hero Ball Z


📌 เกม Hero Ball Z รองรับระบบภาษาไทยมาแล้วจ้าเกมน่ารักๆรวมเหล่าฮีโร่ แนว idle ป้องกันน่านฟ้าจากการรุกรานจากเหล่าต่างดาววววว ลากฮีโร่มารวมร่างกันเพื่อให้ปล่อยบอลพลังโจมตีได้รุนแรงขึ้นไปอีก !!
สุ่มฮีโร่พิเศษได้หลังจากรวบรวม ฮีโร่ฝึกหัด เลเวล 10 จ้า
คนไทยมาใหม่มารวมกันรีวิวนี้ เพื่อนๆคนไหนติดปัญหาตรงไหน เม้นช่วยเหลือกันได้เต็มที่ครับ
🌟ในคอมเม้นสงสัยถามได้อาจจะมี วิธีการแก้ปัญหาต่างๆ ที่เพื่อนๆมาช่วยกันตอบ 😆 ต้องการรีเควสเกมไหนหรือติดอะไรทักถามแอดเพื่อน FB: Raccoon Channel ได้เลยนะ\
🎬 คลิปเกมทดลองเล่น 10 นาที ก่อนโหลดจ้า
Ninu Hero Ball Z


GO GO power rangers XD
No se si sea yo o al inicio los héroes de convinacion se parecen a los power rangers XD

Pero ya encerio, el juego tiene buena pinta los gráficos están muy bien, el sonido aveces flojea un poco pero muy rara vez ,el modo de juego bueno el hacer combinaciónes se vuelve algo repetitivo pero las recompensas y compras por Rubys te la facilita un poco para que tengas héroes que te ayuden mientras tu combinas, si es un poco repetitivo pero el tener una ayudita me gusta, sera repetitivo pero es un juego de pasar el rato así que no es para tanto :3,algo que si le falla es la conexión no se si sea solo yo o a otros también les pase, que cuando estas jugando te sale un mensaje de reconectando con el servidor y luego se va ala pantall inicio, es lo único que le falla, por otra parte la historia no esta para nada mal,a en training no se diga me encanta te pone a pensar en tener tu propia estrategia para superar los pisos, en mi opinión es un buen juego para matar el rato :3
しんこ Hero Ball Z


JD P Hero Ball Z


iits pretty good for idle game.
some people might complain about continuos tapping and combining you have to do, but there is auto option you can use when you watch an ad.
SugarVirus Hero Ball Z


It's an OK time waster. Most of the time when your on will be spend fusing novices and waiting to get more. It's an idle game and your team doesn't progress father than the highest stage you got to while you're online I don't think the devs made many new characters for this game (if any) the only heros I have collected are the same ones from Game of Dice, which isn't a big deal but it would've been nice to keep them in that universe and make new characters for this game as they don't make sense being in an apocalyptic setting. There are little bits of story in the character's bios but that's about it.
ザキングオッパイドラゴン β·Mission Exterminator Hero Ball Z


PlatinumNeko Hero Ball Z


Grind, luck, donate...
ShadowFox460 Hero Ball Z


I had fun playing but am unable to play after the july 1st update. The game will not update and no update option is available on the QooApp. Very disappointing.
S4OwO Hero Ball Z


El juego tiene una idea buena para utilizar en cuanto a la obtención de personajes y una historia pasable pero lo de la obtención de personajes a la larga se vuelve un tanto tediosa por lo repetitivo que se vuelve el mismo, y pide un excesivo nivel para pasar a un nuevo escenario (pero es sencillo básicamente el subir de nivel)
๖ۣۜEҩïℓღ【Connect】™ Hero Ball Z


my ID 33887475 pls use it n get R-SSR hero.thanks 4 your help[大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭]
Thorin Hero Ball Z


Highly reminiscent of those cartoony pickle pokers you find at new taco. But without the poking.

Repetitive, with almost no gameplay or storyline progression. Relies heavily on tapping and then merging of your summoned heroes.

It's not a great game, but it is a good time sink since these types of games are basically endless.
Taiyo Sui Hero Ball Z


it's the idle merge dragon game, but with anime faced characters inatead of dragon. Progressions come to a halt after about a week of playing, when the freebies run out.
Triodof Hero Ball Z


boring.... improve it again
Sơn Đặng Hông Hero Ball Z


great[開心], hope game develope more
Brandon Phillippe Hero Ball Z


game got stivk with tutorial, cant upgrade refia as i did it before, then got dc, and retirned to the mission, but the upgtade has been done, so nlw i have insufgicient material tp upgrade refia, so cant progress unless i skip tutorial
Dan Guy Hero Ball Z


Its a damn clicker
Rindomina Hero Ball Z


Another chibi game


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