Imaezaki アイ・アム・マジカミ


I think everyone who played this is surely on Fanza/DMM and that includes me.
First I will warn everyone that gacha rate is low, but dont worry you will get free SSR on events and you can drop gems on daily quest. Even if you miss events and miss the SSR, you can still get it. The game is a grinding type game. I highly recommend to play this game on 18+ to enjoy 18+ content.
Some tips the best team is water team. Especially if you build around healing, they never die on manual.
Adityakurniawan アイ・アム・マジカミ


anjay ver 18+ seru bro :v
apalagi ada collab stein gate + mau ditambah collab gotuban apalah mntp gasss lah[鬼臉]
An Airborne Cat アイ・アム・マジカミ


;) play the dmm18 version, some of the best hscenes available on a mobile game.

Perviness aside, very dark game.
if you played alternative girls, the gameplays basically the same, though no real flashy skills sadly.
Great music for the game. Very high budget title.
Sadayu Yuanthong アイ・アム・マジカミ


เซิฟเดียวกับ DMM ไอดี DMM ก็สามารถนำมาเล่นแบบธรรมดาได้ ต้องไปตั้งไอดีกับพาสในเกมก่อนนะครับ แบบธรรมดาจะไม่มีฉาก 18+ สามารถหาเพื่อนหากิลด์ในเกมได้ในกลุ่มเฟสบุ๊ค
MAGICAMI DX THAILAND [DMM GAMES -กลุ่มสังคมคนไทย] ได้เลยครับ ส่วนสกิลชุดสามารถไปอ่านได้ที่เว็บ appmedia magicami ครับ เล่นกันเยอะๆนะครับ ผู้พัฒนาจะได้เพิ่มชุดกับฉากมาให้ดูกัน
Kalinn アイ・アム・マジカミ


Llevo jugando a la versión sin censura desde bastante tiempo y puedo decir que es un muy buen rpg por turnos.
Sus gráficos destacan bastante siendo completamente en 3D y con una calidad muy alta pero también muy bien optimizada para dispositivos de gama baja, el juego cuenta con diferentes modos:
La historia principal, los eventos que se centran en farmear un objeto del propio evento para canjearlo por ítems para tus personajes como también incluir un personaje gratis full copias y con escena H incluida, el modo torre de babel que son 50 niveles en donde si llegas al final consigues un ticket para canjear una UR asegurada en el gacha, la endless battle donde tendrás que luchar con uno o varios enemigos durante una determinada cantidad de turnos, los challeges que son niveles extra dificiles con ciertas misiones que si son cumplidas consigues objetos extra, las raid battles, muy parecidas a las endless battles pero en este caso peleas contra bosses con grandes cantidades de vida con la ayuda de tu clan, las recompensas van desde tickets para personajes especiales, tickets para UR's y SR's aseguradas y objetos de mejora para tus personajes, el shabbath (pvp) en donde peleas con tu equipo contra el de otro jugador manejado por la maquina (en lo personal este es el modo más aburrido ya que en la mayoría de los casos ganara el equipo con mayor velocidad lo que da poco margen para estrategias) las recompensas son parecidas a las del raid battle.
También algo a tener en cuenta es que todos los personajes gratis dados en los eventos se pueden conseguir ya sea canjeandolos por unas fichas que se consiguen al vender personajes que no quieres como también por llaves que te dan para desbloquear cinemáticas de eventos pasados (esto también incluye las escenas H de eventos) como extra también dan misiones por el cumpleaños de todas las chicas incluyendo una escena H por cada una.
Otra cosa a tener en cuenta es que hay dos monedas de cambio para el gacha, los tickets y los diamantes, estos dos se pueden conseguir de forma f2p al completar misiones además de que se pueden farmear en ciertos modos.
Sobre las escenas H se puede decir que están muy bien, muchas de ellas son animadas y todas tienen actuación de voz además de que todas se consiguen muy fácil, simplemente subes a un personaje UR o SR al 30 y consigues su escena.
Podría explayarme más hablando sobre mecánicas más avanzadas del juego pero creo que con esta reseña quedo claro que magicami cuenta con mucho contenido variado y que puede ser disfrutado de forma totalmente f2p.

Perdón por hacer esta reseña tan larga pero magicami es un juego que he disfrutado mucho y se merecía una review explayada.
Dejo en claro que yo juego la version japonesa sin censura que se encuentra en dmm games y tambien he jugado la versión global de nutaku (muy fiel a la original y siguiendo los pasos f2p de su server original). Si alguien tiene alguna duda sobre el juego o de como conseguir la versión de dmm games simplemente responda a este comentario e intentare darle una guía rápida y fácil para conseguirla.
Por mi parte poco más y gracias por llegar hasta el final.
Account_Not_Found Top Contributor アイ・アム・マジカミ


(Updated with new feature, score re-adjustment & additional note)
You will love this game if you enjoy a story with an edgyer version of Magical Girl Madoka. Comes with a fancier dress system for dressig your waifu in your favourite dress (I guess there will be no t-shirt & jean or non-dress for players who prefer other clothings). User friendly settings making grinding into an semi-auto idle form. No dresses will go wasted under the support setting. Tons of VA. Well-balanced battle system, even F2P can compete in high level PVP.

Difficulty according to progress:
Early Game - A walk in the park/Piece of cake/Easy as ABC
Mid Game - Casual
Late Game - Normal
End Game - Pray to Gacha God

Time consumption:
Mobile Game Tier. This is the aspect where this game shines. As long as you have finished the stage within 300 seconds or less, you can use the Auto-Farm function and repeat the cycle. A mobile game should not take control your life and stop you from enjoying all the other things in life. The PVP is now re-adjusted to encourage more competitions while offering an NPC Alternative for new and weaker players to maintain minimal advancement and progression. That sustains the F2Pers the ability to compete at a moderate level, while keeping P2Whales at the top.

Detailed Review:
The first thing you will see as an outstanding feat is the...VA & the music (I can't go over the details why graphics is skipped; for certain reasons). The VA are superb and definitely worth buying a headphone for that. The BGMs for different type of battles are stunningly uplifting and they all gradually build up into explosive chorus, what's more, instead of instructmental, they use songs with vocals. Each song comes with a different style matching the theme of the battles.

The gameplay is your regular RPG ATB gauge battle system. The elements are Fire>Lightning>Water>Fire... & Light>Dark>Light. Other than that, the dress system offers unique skillset to each dress. Together with the support setting for dresses, you have tons of mix&match for your own perfect deck. Various game modes, PVP, Team Battle, Story, Daily and many other events. Different types of shops, offering rewards in more than one way. They also make good and balanced Event UR dresses so F2P can still progress nicely.

The story is less unexpected for Madoka's fans, but if you like the darker tone to the whole magical girl franchise, this is the one you are searching for.

It definitely has good value, worth trying and enjoy this simple yet competitive game. The in-app purchase can be a bit expensive (variable depending on players). The pricing for unique packages seem reasonable, and low UR rate...does bring disappointment. However, all R dresses have a common unique skill that make them worthy, don't sell the R dresses in a haste.

It's not only a coop, but the competitiveness on PVP is definitely much higher than usual. Don't worry about not progressing. The developer may have calculated carefully so F2P can progress without getting stuck for too long. Do beware of whales who can get lv80 UR dress by PlayerLv20 or lower. Though for near-end-game levels, you might find yourself in the mud for a month or so before you hit a breakthrough. You can still entertain yourself by drowning yourself in a closet with your favourite waifu and all her beautiful dresses.

And it has a profile page of 300 characters, you can brag about how lucky you are (like how you get your favourite dress of a magical girl in one gacha). Personally, I post my tragic 300 gacha with only 2 UR to show everyone how unlucky you can be with gacha. No dress is too bad and only the N are unusable...but at least they can still look good on your waifus. Keep the SR Orbs, they are quite useful for a long time.

Score changed & reason:
I have to be honest, the gameplay does get boring over time. The only thing keeping it becoming worse, is the ever innovative designs of the enemies and their abilities. No one chapter and new event is exactly the same, there are already number of stages where my AOE DMG only team has failed significantly even at Round 1. It really makes me look stupid 😂, assuming I can trample everything with one team. With constant new dress and abilities, including the less powerful SR & R dresses, I can still find so many combos to overcome various stages and unique rounds. The game will give you enough fun even you are already at late game, and even at the end game, you still have the Challenges to take on, and I guarantee you, it will not be fun and easy, you truly will suffer. Unless Gacha God gives you all the perfect waifus! So a drop in Gameplay score, but with all the new features and overall improvements in the other aspects, the score is nearly 5.

Additional notes on new functions & in-game features:
The new layout on Story & Collections is so user-friendly, we can now pick out the specific chapter and plot to revisit in our own free time.

The new Room now offers Battle Cosmetics, we can re-dress our waifus accordingly to our own preference making this one of the best functions they have offered. The Aura cosmetics bring out the uniqueness of this magical girl game and have absolutely made it a distinctive game on its own.

Furthermore, on Sustainable Income, the company has created peripherals for this franchise. Assuming you are a rational spender who refrain from buying digital products, you have an alternative way to support the game without being the P2Whales. Personally, you can have the sincerest thank you from the bottom of my ❤️.

(I think the development team of this DMM game did read my suggestion in the survey although it was written in English. I don't think I will ever thank them enough to be so thoughtful)
ZepiaEltnamOberon アイ・アム・マジカミ


If you like Persona 5's UI design, then you're gonna like this game as well
This game is said to have cost the studio 1.2 billion yen to make and boy does it show, amazing graphics, player-friendly gameplay (they have auto loop in the game when you need to farm stuff), and (though only available in the R18 version) the animation of their sex scenes is by far the most fluid I've ever seen on DMM.
The only complaint I have for the game is the RNG of the UR dresses in gacha, but you can play this game just fine even without them as long as you're not a really serious ladder-climbing Sabbath player.
Damian Niehaus アイ・アム・マジカミ


Me encanto! eesta genial, me encantan este tipo de juegos, como Project Tokyo Dolls!
shimada mayu Moderador アイ・アム・マジカミ


Por estos 3 meses que lleva el juego esta muy bien.
Tendrá ya una colaboración con un anime conocido 5hanayome.
El juego es por turno, de 3 skill. El rate up gacha es muy amistoso todos hemos sacado mucho UR desde el inicio.
Juego de farmeo puro haga cierto punto de la historia no desbloqueas algunas cosas. Por ahora pasable.
NecroCatz アイ・アム・マジカミ


So i started this game not a while ago but i think i'll just write a review based on what i experienced

Gameplay actually not really appealing too much. It's a turn based battle. To put it in the simplest example... ninja saga. Your character and enemies has speed bar under their hp which is determine their turn to attack when the bar is full. When the character has a turn you can choose which skill to use (with 1st skill usually act as normal skill that has no cooldown). It's not really thaf boring tho, it has various thing like buffing debuffing, single target, AoE attack, and it takes some strategies on pvp and later stages. But it may be become repetitive as it's a grinding game.

Luckily they have auto features with 3x speed and a "repeat stage" which is very useful. As you can fill up your stamina to max and leave it to grind the stage for you as you do another activities.

The story is pretty meh for me in the beginning but it become more interesting in the later chapter. The side stories are unvoiced so im having a hard time to understand it and just skipped all for gems.

Gems are fairly easy to obtain so you can gacha pretty often like once or twice a week? the rate is pretty average too. They have bunch of quests and missions so you can be either casual player or a serious player, its up to you just dont stress too much about the game

The UI and the music is the first thing catch my attention. The musics are pretty interesting and good to hear imo, the too UI pretty cool, has Persona vibe in it lol

If you play the r18 version, it has some good full voiced live 2d scenes which is pretty cool, but as far as an h scenes to be, it just interesting in the first sight and get pretty boring in the next repetition.

Overall i'll give a 3 for the gameplay but 5 for their effort to the game
เจี๊ยบ สายโหด アイ・アム・マジカミ


ア二メ アイ・アム・マジカミ


อันนี้ไม่มีฉาก18+ อยากดูฉาก18+ต้องโหลดทางDMM ถึงจะได้ ชื่อ マジカミ DX
Piya Teekapark アイ・アム・マジカミ


อีเวนท์ 1 ปี ที่ใกล้จะมา จะมีอิโรฮะชุด 1 ปี (ชุดเหมือนอัลติเม็ทมาโดกะ) ซึ่งยังไม่รู้ว่าแจกหรือเปิดกาชา อย่าเพิ่งใช้เพชรเก็บเพชรไว้รอเปิดถ้าลงตู้
Takami アイ・アム・マジカミ


Niconii16 アイ・アム・マジカミ


first off, the gacha rates are ok, has a better rate up percentage than most gacha games(3% for UR, 1.5% for rate up UR).
it definitely lacks in terms of gameplay, as it is one of the common turn based type gacha.
the girls are enjoyable, they're cute and pretty and i like most of them.
overall a decent game, but mostly a side game. for some reason i can't bring myself to actively play this game, i always log in only to clear daily 1 hour before reset.
アカメ アイ・アム・マジカミ


Neil Gaiman アイ・アム・マジカミ


Ну, что я могу сказать. 10/10 за физику груди. Ведь нам именно этого не доставало в подобных играх! Спасибо, японцы!
Играется более менее просто, на старте дали много ресурсов для гачи, хватило на получение нескольких UR и моря SR. За прохождение основного сюжета SR тоже падают. На ивенте дали UR. На моем веку это был первый раз, когда высокой редкости что-то давали, стоило только войти в событие.
Про сюжет ничего сказать не могу, играю по фану, не зная японский. Судя по всему, сюжет про волшебниц, спасающих мир.
Спасибо игре за возможность примерять на девочек чужие наряды.
Ну и... в общем-то все. Играть можно, ставя на автомат. Удачи тем, кого игра зацепит.
agung abk アイ・アム・マジカミ


it's a game about mahou shoujo, and the story get really dark after ch 4 no matter which ver you play.
Rigth now it has 18 ch, and main story updated each month. Gacha rate is pretty good, and the dev is pretty generous. If you start right now, you get atleast 10k gem and free 10x roll each day until 6/26.
Gameplay is generic team bulding, with a lot of char to choose from, and the next collab is gotoubun no hanayome and kisaku for dx ver.
If you like to read, you should try it. You can read past event too and get reward.
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor アイ・アム・マジカミ


[無語]MAGICAMI เกมแนว RPG กึ่งเทรินเบส ภาพX 18+มากๆเลยจร้าดูเรียลสุดๆ แบบระบบ 3D 360องศาเลย บอกเลยคุ้มจริงๆ เกมนี้มีระบบการต่อสู้แบบธาตุด้วยอิงหลักธาตุทั่วไป ไฟ แพ้ น้ำ น้ำแพ้ไฟฟ้า ไฟชนะไฟฟ้า แสงกับมืด ตีกันแรงทั้งคู่
เทคนิคเกมนี้ ห้ามกดข้ามนะ ฉากเด็ดๆเยอะมาก


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