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The Era of Overman : Idle RPG is a RPG developed by DAERISOFT.
Mysterious monsters that suddenly appear around the world in the 21st century.
Appearance of overmen who fight the increasingly powerful monsters
The Overmen's valiant effort to protect mankind! The Era of Overman begins!

Grows easily and quickly even when left alone!
▶ Grows automatically just by turning on the game! An idle game to enjoy that’s simply and easy!
Spectacular action!
▶ Let off some steam with flashy combat action!
Your very own special Overman Team!
▶ Build your own formidable strategic unit by assembling a group of colorful overmen.
A variety of content to enjoy!
▶ Enjoy limitless content such as Boss Raids, Deal Rankings, and Subjugation Battles!

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◈ Information on Requested App Access Permissions ◈
Era of Overman The Idle Grow mode doesn't use any of the more private app permissions without explicit permission.

◈ Support Specifications ◈
Resolution: All devices supported, including Galaxy Fold 3
RAM: 3 GB or more
Capacity: At least 300 MB of free space
OS: Android 10 or higher recommended
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.4
4 Rating(s), 2 Comment(s)
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