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Married to the Mafia: Otome is a simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc..

In this game, players need to select different branches corresponding to the game options in order to achieve different storylines.

■ Synopsis ■

One evening, you’re invited by your uncle to an engagement dinner for a famous local mafia boss—but then a handsome stranger pulls you on stage and reveals that his new fiancée is you!

Turns out, your uncle actually owes the boss a debt, and in order to repay it, he offered you up… Luckily, the crime lord isn’t actually interested in marriage, he just wants a contractual arrangement to secure his place as the family head.

Things soon turn dangerous though, and you realize you're now caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous war for power. A fake engagement to the mob boss may be the only thing that can keep you safe... But the longer you spend together, the more both of your feelings gradually change. Forced to move in and play the intimate role of fiancée, can you both keep up the ruse until you say, “I do?"

■ Characters ■

Gabriel — Your Mafioso Fiancé

The heir of the most powerful gang in the city, Gabriel is generally calm and collected, but he demands absolute obedience. While he may be a charismatic boss, he only truly cares about results and believes love and romance are wastes of time. Due to a past betrayal, it seems he’s closed off from his emotions, and he doesn’t even realize it. Can you rekindle the flame in his heart during your short engagement or will you snuff it out entirely?

Ace — The Rowdy Gangster

Ace is Gabriel's sworn brother and only true friend. Passionate, brash, and emotional, Ace tends to use physical strength to get his way. He respects the mafia code and traditions above all else, but can’t stand involving civilians in their criminal activities, leading to friction when you’re first introduced. However, as the two of you get to know each other, sparks begin to fly… Can you help him fulfill his larger-than-life dreams of returning the mob back to its golden age?

Matteo — The Loyal Officer

You’ve known Matteo since you were young. He’s always been a great listener, but not so good at expressing his own feelings. Working as an undercover cop in an organized crime ring, you’re the last person he expected to run into while on the job. The two of you have a long history, and it seems Matteo’s now caught between following his heart and his duty to the law. Is there a way for you to be together without blowing both of your covers?
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.5
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