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I remember the days I spent with her every day since that day.

An irreplaceable time that I had taken for granted.

I can't spend time with him again ...

Someday everyone will have a sad experience.

I was happy, sad, laughed, and cried.

The people who are left behind will all go through their lives with precious memories in their hearts.

What happened to you and me that day

An irreplaceable time to live with you ...

I can't meet you in this world anymore

Was my action correct?

▼ Features ▼
● It is a novel escape game.
A mystery solver and a mini game are prepared for each stage, and the story of her and the hero progresses as the stage progresses.
● There are many mini-games available, such as solving mysteries that incorporate everyday things and taking pictures with her.
● Beginners can enjoy it till the end.
● You can play all stages for free.

▼ How to play ▼
● Tap to find out.
● Tap the item field and select an item.
● Items can be expanded by tapping them again while they are selected.
● There are about 23 types of mini games in all.
● All mini games can be swiped or tapped.
● Select the menu button on the screen to call up the menu.
● You can see hints and answers by pressing the hint button.

▼ Points of capture ▼
● Tap everywhere on the screen.
● Observe all the items.
● Items may be combined.
● Don't miss all the information you can get in the game.

▼ Recommended points ▼
● Those who like solving mysteries
● Those who like escape games
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.8
10 Rating(s), 14 Comment(s)
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