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7Lords Game Hunter Grimlight | Global


Grimlight Gameplay:
jessica v Grimlight | Global


Game berak, gk jelas, awal gacha cuman di kasih 11x10 udah gitu gk pasti dapet gold lagi, dahlah males, udah keliatan rate gacha nya bakal kek apa, lu bayangin aja sat, masa iya gw di awal gacha yg 11x10 cuman 2 kali doang nongol yg gold, mana charnya sama2 alice, gw reroll sampe yg terakhir malah gk nongol gold lagi, pernah sekali biru semua.... developer sama publisher sama2 sakit, MT gk ngotak, gacha gak ngotak, gak nyampe sebulan juga jadi DEAD GAME ini ./.
Micochet_23 Grimlight | Global


There's nothing wrong with this game, except for how the dev making a further content which is grinding hell with minimum reward.

Graphics: I love the chara design which are beautiful and elegant, chibi is also adorable. So many white/gray/silver haired girls, very satisfying.

Sound: Music fits the theme well. Dub is in Korean language, something fresh for my ears.

Gameplay: There is tiles and lanes deployment strategy with wave battle system, but it is simple. You can't deploy all of the units you have because there's cost limitation. It has wipeout stamina/key, but you must do one battle at least.

Story: Journey with the crystal girls to beat dreamless mobs and the dominions. Charas are based on the fairy tales.

Value: Dunno, pity is until 100x summon but will be reset for every banner change. There're another shard currency things for gacha beside gem. Always check shop at resources and marketplace section. You can unlock every skins from charas you have by collecting guild points everyday.
普優一郎 Grimlight | Global


Art is great, music is pretty good, plays like Illusion Connect.
SSR rate is like 1.5%, and you're not guaranteed one in the tutorial gacha (only 10 rerolls)
also rerolling needs multiple gmail/apple accounts (no guest) so..

Not the best, but definitely not bad enough to review bomb over some maintenance, though.
Didn't even see this much hate over Azur Lane's 3 day server fire couple years back, sheesh
Bluerendar Grimlight | Global


Rating contingent on devs continuing to fix the launch issues. Great progress has been made already (servers mostly stable now!) but more still is to be done before I'd unconditionally recommend this game. Devs btw are extremely communicative on their Discord!

Devs in compensation have given a ton of free pulls, so try things out. Warning though that rerolling is somewhat difficult since you *must* log in with google or apple account, and account deletion has a 24 h cooldown timer.

I heard that all players will have the option to quit and refund all purchases at the end of the open beta, check that yourself though of course.

Anyways, on to the actual game.

Storyline is fairly interesting fantasy-line. There's a solid but not overwhelming amount.

Gameplay is similar to Counterside with deployment cost/limit, auto battling, and active skills best set to auto-use. It's only unit-unit combat, and is more preplanned strategic deployment rather than real-time deployment. Game balance is mostly ok although some mechanics probably would benefit from some revision. Seems to be mostly PvE focused.

There's plenty of very good lower rarity units, 3* and even 4* are extremely available so you only really need to consider 5* to build around. Low rarity stuff is also straight good for low cost filling out teams like in Counterside.

All in all, if devs can fix their server/game bugs, I have high hopes for this game - but the botched launch really hurts, as you can see in the rating.
redrik clauz Grimlight | Global


all right, change the rate..
good game, gacha, storyline, gameplay, no prob at all for me, enjoying the Play...
Hikari Kitsuki Grimlight | Global


Về mặt bằng chung của game Turn-base gacha thì không có gì mới mẻ quá, gameplay khá lạ nhưng khó mà cứu vớt nỗi content của game. Đi hết cốt truyện của game là phải dừng, gần như chẳng còn gì để chơi
Việc lên cấp 1 char phụ thuộc hoàn toàn vào việc bản thân người chơi tự tăng exp chứ không cho exp khi đánh ải các thứ như mấy game khác, điểm trừ lớn
Giá trị cho x10 roll thì khá thấp nhưng để được con số đó thì không dễ tí nào bù lại rate ổn coi như bù qua sớt lại
Sinon Shana Grimlight | Global


เล่นสนุกดี ไม้ตายไม่อลังการ ตีมอนน่ารักๆ ฮาๆ
ดีทุกอย่าง ยกเว้นเซิฟเน่าบ่อย เข้าเล่นง่ายกว่านี้ จะดีมาก ได้แสง3ตัว
t. Grimlight | Global


(server asia) they need to improve this. The bug keep on coming (not sure if its bug or not) everytime i play 1 round, sometime its just disconnect and i need to restart the game, its annoying. please fix this. i like everything but the bug really ruin it. inlove w the gacha , gameplay etc. but the gacha is the same thing as what i experience. when gacha, i sometimes disconnected. [大哭][憋屈]
Nato Reyes Grimlight | Global


First impressions:
The Asia server is slow to me for some reason while global server ia faster.

Is it worth trying?
It's subjective but it's decent if you're not having connection problems.
I'd personally say that the artstyle isn't as cultured as other games out there for now but it still look fine. It only has idle l2d animation on homescreen for now.
It has another va, i think it's korean but I'm not certain and I'm not used to it.

Game mechanics is you pick 10 units to bring on stages and drag and drop your anime chibi style units on a 3x4 tiles where you can see enemy placement on other side. However there's a unit resource cost which will limit you on who you can deploy.

If you start it, all units on tiles will move in and attack. You can either manual or auto skills.

After winning it's possible for stages to have multiple rounds/waves. In which case, you'll earn more resource cost, your units' hp and skill charge and possibly buffs and debuffs will be carried over to the next wave and you can either replace or deploy more units then start it again till the whole stage is done.

There's the typical rgb light dark strength and weaknesses.

The thing i might not like or concern about are:
-Plenty of stuff to level up like gear, units (since they don't lvl up unless you use exp cards), skills, additional stats using somekind of book mats.

-There's an equipment banner which is concerning.

-Based on explanation, you can refine gear using dupes for substats. Possibly any foddera or exact dupes.

-Awakening units=more rng stats (9 total). You need exact unit dupes for it + gold. You can reroll stats using gold. However, let's say you unlocked 9 already and reroll stats then all stats will reroll unless you lock the other stats you want to keep which is said to cost more gold based on explanation.
Hi Grimlight | Global


needed to rewrite, f*ck
So the game itself is pretty generic, gets boring after you finish for now considering it just released. The level up feature is really interesting since you cant get xxp every match, quite annoying but you likely use everyone so just save up for the strong ones. can't really tell if the game is 5★favoured since i only got 2 5★ characters (one free and the other is first draw). Any other than that i wish the devs would add something too make the game more interesting like a tower or world chat
Panumas Nimsomboon Grimlight | Global


สำหรับเกมนี้ ตัวละครงานดี ตัวเล็กๆน่ารัก ,เพลงก็เพราะ

วันนี้เกมเปิดเล่นได้ปกติแล้ว (11 ก.ค.)

เกมมีเร่งคูณ2 มีระบบออโต & ออโตสกิว การจัดทีมลง ต้องการค่าคอสตัวละครด้วย

กาชา รีโรลได้ 10ครั้ง เห็นว่าทองออกมากสุด 2ตัว (หาตัวดีๆตัวเดียว ก็กดจะครบรอบแล้ว)

เกมแจกตั๋วกาชาตู้เรต มา 10ใบ กับ ตู้ธรรมดา มา40ใบ
แจกตัว ออโรล่า(ธาตุแสง)มานึงตัว กับ ตั๋วสุ่ม5ดาวใบนึง ล็อกอิน7วัน ได้อีก1ใบ

พื้นทีเกม 1.5G
nozomi waifu Grimlight | Global


I was pretty pessimistic for the game cos of the impression of the game(mostly from comments)
but it was actually a pretty decent game, so if some of u guys are turned off before trying the game, atleast maybe give it a try first. :)
Celeste Negri Grimlight | Global


We all know about the launch issue, yes.
It was a bummer but after a week of deleting it fo rage I installed in again and I have to admit it is a very enjoyable game! I'd love the devs to keep improving it because, so far, I really enjoyed it
The graphics are stunning and I love the fairytale theme 😍

Ps. Gelli there devs, I'm a game artist, notice me pleaseeeeeee 😜💜
Ger Torre Grimlight | Global


Realmente me gusto este juego, si bien no tuvieron el mejor lanzamiento, supieron mantenerse firmes con las mejoras y ahora tienen un juego realmente bueno, entretenido, con un arte fenomenal. Me da gusto no haberme desesperado y darle una oportunidad a este juego.

No tienen mucho contenido por el momento pero aun asi el juego se ha mantenido actualizado, han habido nuevos personajes y un nuevo capitulo en la historia.

El PvP no es en tiempo real, pero es divertido ya que la defensa tiene ventaja sobre el ataque y te hace pensar en diferentes estrategias al atacar.

Subir de nivel y mejorar a los personajes es recompensado, se siente el incremento de poder en los personajes y la variedad de equipo y combinaciones de armamento le dan dinamismo y personalizacion al juego y a los personajes.

Muy recomendado!
PeachyMomo Grimlight | Global


I really like this game personally. idk if it's cuz i installed it after a ton of updates or i just love suffering, a lot of people are complaining but PLEASE give it a second chance!

Heard the launch was really bad BUT its really much better now!!! (plus the new characters are hot)
Straind Grimlight | Global


Semoga game ini server nya setabil, Karya dari ilustrator WANKE jadi tidak bisa di mainkan dengan sempurna yang Mana Aku suka sekali dengan, ilustrasi nya 🥶 semoga server nya bisa di perbaiki Agar stabil. Akan sia" game dengan ilustrasi yang bagus tidak bisa di mainkan dengan sempurna. ( looks like the server is stable )
"hopefully the server can be repaired to be stable. It will be a waste of games with good illustrations cannot be played perfectly." 🙏
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Grimlight | Global


เกมแนว RPG เกมการ์ดตัวละคร ออโต้แบทเทิน เซิฟโกลบอลตัวละครน่ารัก ตอนลากจัดตัวละครน่ารักดีพอกดเริ่มเกมตัวละครก็ทำการต่อสู้เองอัตโนมัติ กราฟิกสนุกสนานสวยงาม ส่วนตัวผมรู้สึกว่าระบบสอนทดสอบเกมจะนานไปหน่อยนะสำหรับเกมนี้
NingHaiTwo Grimlight | Global


jogo muito bom tem uns bugzinhos mas isso não e nada e o jogo e novo otimos gráficos personagens a historia e interessante gostei muito do jogo


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