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Gywin Touhou Madouroku


Best touhou bullethell for mobile out there with all the original gamestyle, spellcards and songs for most of the bosses(unseen bosses will be added in near future) you can find in the official touhou game.

- support 60 fps without needing a high specs devices
- offers customization for the title screen and BGMs
- has built in global ranking system without having to login/signup Googleplay
- also has individual spellcards ranking system
- always has new update weekly for new bosses/stages or improving the in-game system.

- Need watch ads to gain points to unlock stage (although this is the only one way for the dev to earn what they worked hard for, so please support them by just watching the ads. Alright? They didn't ask you spend your money to play their game!)
- Too few shotypes for playable characters. (Although there's currently 3 playable characters which are Reimu, Marisa and Sanae only. More playable character could be hoped for future.)

For gameplay mechanics:
Since the game uses one-life mechanism gameplay, it's definitely very difficult to play on a mobile device. Especially for lunatic stages which some of it is absurdly difficult/likely impossible to clear due to the phone's structure, where you can't rotate fast enough around the screen and eventually lost. However, even with this one-life mechanism, easy and normal stage is still great for beginners and have the all stages balanced well enough for players to clear it.

If you're finding a good bullethell game on mobile that you can play for 5 or 10 mins during for free time or even wants to challenge players around the world to beat the hardest spell/stage, this is definitely the best you can get here.

In summary, recommend to play easy/normal if just for killing your free time, and hard mode for bullethell experienced players which willing to spend some time to clear the harder ones, and lunatics for world record scorerunners.
TheYourCaptain Touhou Madouroku


хороший данмакуу симулятор, но оптимизация меню убивает даже средненькие телефоны, а спеллкарты открывается за просмотр рекламы(3 спеллкарты за рекламу не так уж и много, с учётом того что всплывающей рекламы нет) поэтому неплохо
epic gamer Touhou Madouroku


It's great. Compared to Thousand Nights Anamnesis:

There's less characters and only 1 shot type to choose from.

The spell cards are ported from the original game whereas TNA created their own.

There is a story, although with only 1 stage, and is mainly meant as a spellcard practice whereas TNA is mainly meant as boss rush while having a spellcard practice.

And Madouroku has some degree of customization, where you can change your homescreen character, BGM, background and your name and avatar for the online leaderboard.

Very entertaining and even though it's not fully translated yet, it's nothing too major and you can more or less fill in the blanks if you have some knowledge about Touhou.
Nemesis WT Touhou Madouroku


Super hard af lmao
荒野 Touhou Madouroku


this game too good for my eyes 😂😂😂
Livingbeast Touhou Madouroku


I love this game. Its a great way to play touhou on mobile, if a bit difficult sometimes.
The hit box is...weird, sometimes you get hit when a bullet comes SUPER close to you, other tines it just doesn't happen.
Its also a free game and not too big which is a HUGE plus. Great game, though only 1 story level which is fine.
Edit: The last line is outdated now. Ill keep it short and sweet, amazing true to form touhou experience on mobile devices, tons of spellcards on the 4 difficulties. 4 playable characters. Great game.
Bobloljire A.S. Touhou Madouroku


smooth 🤓🤟🤟
watch ad for stuffs 🤮🤮🤮
Neokyun Touhou Madouroku


Excellent jeux fonctionne parfaitement
Zenriel Touhou Madouroku


full size: 150mb
genre: Bullet Hell Shooter Game

touhou but in mobile

-kinda hard to controll the movement
-there's ads
Brian Momohara Hanasaka Touhou Madouroku


es un juego genial para pasar el rato
Skittle Back Touhou Madouroku


Its a great game, simple and enjoyable[怪笑]
HakureiReimu HardV7uber Touhou Madouroku


[哇噻] Me encanta mucho touhou [微笑]
Reianne Touhou Madouroku


I'm just surprised that this was the first time that made my mind went[發火] but I managed to endure the stress but this game is simple and great.
小金鱼 Touhou Madouroku


Hafizh H Asyhari Touhou Madouroku


Wholesome, nice game
ReimuHakurei Touhou Madouroku


It's a superb mobile version of Touhou. Really like it[開心]
Wet Touhou Madouroku


the game is really nice and i just love bullet hell in general
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