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TsubakiSensei Happy KuzUtopia


why there's no English translation [大哭][大哭] i hope you add it soon so we can play it , all my fav voice actors are there but i can't understand what they are saying [大哭][大哭][可憐]
Harazawa Renka Happy KuzUtopia


i hope they will release english version soon! [大哭][開心]
nkjmayuri Happy KuzUtopia


i really like this game, but honestly i want English version 🙂
ZenjiJennifer Happy KuzUtopia


well [難過]
I don't know what happened but when completing the prologue and go the their (the guys) first story individual it work ok but then if it ask "do you want to continue the story" then click no. After coming back I can't click the read button like it's not even working .
I don't know what happened if you click yes when ask "if you want to continue the story "..[難過]

★Grandfather is too kind or too dense for sure(#--)/ .

I forgot the full size of the game .. sorry [憋屈]
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