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What about Lutie MiniGame World?

It is a mini game that anyone can enjoy with cute Lutie

1. Lutie and the Guardians of attraction are appeared SD!
2. Game-by-game personal ranking and world ranking support!
3. The mini game is updated periodically!

[Gemstone Mine]
Find 20 pairs of Mana Stones protected by Nazar in Underworld for a limited amount of time.

[Gemstone Catch]
Find as many Mana Stones as you can from Illenoar.

[Dessert Runner]
Alay loves sweets. Guess what desserts Alay ate.

[Shining Star]
Dodge bombs raining from the sky and collect Shooting Stars.

Did you read all this explanation? Thank you very much for watching me with great interest.
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2 Évaluation(s), 2 Commentaire(s)
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