My Secret IDol Boy Friend

New relsease from Secret Love, an otome game meeting every women's preferences ♡
First main character, Hyunwoo Choi's, story out now!
Keep your eyes peeled for more addition of characters and their individual stories!


21st century, South Korea is under cultural dictatorial regime of idol stars.

Handful of new idol groups makes their debut every week,
And all the broadcasting studios in the country are busy producing their own idol star audition programs.
Me' that happened to get invovled with my dad's scheme(?), becomes part of his manegement company's group of trainees
Under a man's disguse...

And my encounter with the six charming trainees of the company!
What's coming between, amature and talentless, 'me' and the six eyecandies?

Guareenteed to get you hooked, make your heart race, and please your eyes.
♥ A butterfly filled love story with six soon-to-be idol-star trainees ♥
Will I be able to make my debut?

◆ Game Function Descriptions ◆

#1. Guarenteed constant updates of the main stories, special episodes and alternative endings of individual characters.

#2. Tailored high quality visual effects to every selected endings.

#3. Each main story's endings continues through weekly updated random special episodes! (In progress)

#4. From background music to sound effects, all is prepared for your ideal immersive experience of the stories!

Make your own bts (behind the senes) of your favorite idol!

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