Visual novel School Sentimental BL Female-oriented Fiction
Otome type Boys’ Love Romance Game


There's a such moment in your life.
All of a sudden, you happen to look the world through a pastel tone filter from a high-teen romance film,
and the moment when the sunlight through leaves gets brighter.
The moment when a blink of an eye clearly reflects one single person for a long time.
In other words, this is a story about recognizing our first love and a process of telling the feeling.

[Game Introduction]

- A heart-warming story of three friends in a form of visual novel.
- Various illustrations.


- 100% English script
- A heart-warming love story
- Multi-endings depending on choices.


- Please check the internet environment before receiving the episode.
- If you have a problem, please capture the screen and send it to

[Key Word]

BL,boy's love,yaoi,otome,bl games,otome game,bl game,


Improved loading issues and improved app UI
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Developer’s Contact :
twitter : @bp_single_app
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 3.8
9 Évaluation(s), 6 Commentaire(s)
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