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Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is a simulation game developed by NomnomNami.

This is the mobile version of SYRUP AND THE ULTIMATE SWEET: a visual novel originally made for YuriJam 2015! it's about a candy alchemist, syrup, who one day finds a candy golem in her basement workshop. where did she come from?? who the heck made her????? GO FIND OUT!!

10 different endings, opendyslexic text option, plus spanish, portuguese, french, and korean language options. play time is about an hour, depending on the ending.

Content advisory: candy nudity. in some paths she gets eaten. in some paths characters die. there are a few quick screen shakes and flashes.
story and art by NomnomNami

Music by MockOff
Translations: David Marí (spanish), Fah Braccini (portuguese), mapledinosaur (french), and KyleHeren (korean)
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 4.7
11 Évaluation(s), 5 Commentaire(s)
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