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Beat the traffic! Race to the finish with numerous other competing vehicles in this left-right swerving driving action game with dynamic opponents.

There is only advancing in Wild Tire, with the key in using wit and speed to squeeze in between competing racers to get ahead of them! Opponents may try to move in front of you to block you from victory, and your car can only take one hit, so be sure to be careful in your advance. Show them what for with your guile as a smooth operator, or better yet ram side to side to eliminate your rivals, racking up your road rage until you become an invulnerable beast on the tracks.

That’s right, road rage is a powerful temporary state that allows you to go into full turbo and smash into the opponent, regardless of the direction. You may also even develop into additional bonuses on your vehicles such as shooting projectiles to snipe the racers in front before they could even get in your way.

With your winnings, you could purchase yourself new cars, mix and match vehicles to cannibalize and improve on existing models. There is well over thirty different kinds of race cars in their separate tiers, with a fast progression system to allow players to reach the desired models sooner.

- 30+ race cars
- Fast paced racing
- Road Rage Power-ups
- Tight spacing levels
- Vehicle exchange and upgrades
- Constant income while you play
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