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Welcome to the summoner's arena!
You received an invitation from the arena!
1 on 1 online puzzle battle "BattlePop!"

Summon unique heroes and create your best team!
Easy to play but requires good strategy to win!
All you need are your heroes and puzzle skills.
Anyone can be the highest ranked in the game!

- Free to play!
- 1 on 1 puzzle battle with simple and easy rules!
- Many unique heroes with amazing skills!
- Fast paced battle, a winner is decided within 5 minutes!
- Your rank doesn't really matter, your skill matters!


BattlePop requests the authorizations below in order to play the game.

Requesting Google account information to use Google Play service.
It will be used to load game data.
It will be used to save game data.

The authorizations will be utilized only for game features and the information gathered will not be stored or used for any other purposes.


Developer's contact:
Please send us an email.
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 1.8
3 Évaluation(s), 3 Commentaire(s)
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