Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

After being accused of plagiarism, you thought your career as an artist was over. No matter how much your beautiful artist friend tries to convince you, you just can’t get yourself to display your work… But one day, you decide to paint the girl of your dreams on a blank canvas and before you know it… she appears at your door! It seems like everything you paint about her seems to come true! Could you really have brought her life just by painting her? With a new sense of courage, you reenter the gallery scene where you meet an up and coming new artist that encourages you more! But as you paint more and more, you begin to wonder if this girl really is the girl that you painted… Is your true love nothing more than a figment of your imagination? Or could she be more real than you could ever imagine?

The Dream Girl - Linda

She showed up at your door one day and she’s identical to the girl of your dreams that you painted! She wants to help you overcome your fears, but could she really be the girl that you painted…?

The Energetic Artist - Angela

This spunky artist is a big fan of your work and will do everything in her power to help get you back on the art scene! She’s a little skeptical of Linda… but could she be on to something?

The Caring Friend - Valerie

She’s your childhood friend and has been watching out for you ever since the incident happened. She seems to want what’s best for you, but is there more to it than just that?

This is NOT a hentai game!
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