Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

*You can play this game until the end for free!
*Make different choices to open up new scenes and guide your relationships.
*In this interactive visual novel, two visitors from abroad turn your life upside down!
*Take on the role of a young man who finds himself swept up in a quest to break the curse that has given his guests part-animal forms.


You’ve never particularly cared for the company of other people besides your best friend, but when your parents enroll in a homestay program, you find yourself sharing your home with two sisters from abroad. Resigned, you prepare to make the best of their stay.

But when you catch them being cruel to animals, your patience wears thin. Always a pet-lover, you won’t stand for that! Little do you know, you aren’t the only one displeased by their behavior…

The sisters suddenly find themselves cursed, transformed into part-animal forms by the mysterious Cat God, who swears they will remain that way until they learn to understand how animals feel.

Can they break the curse? And will you overcome your differences and learn to get along?


* [Cold and Refined] Allison
The older of the two sisters comes across as a refined person, but also a cold one—especially where animals are concerned. She has only disdain for animals and the people who care for them, but what made her feel that way?

* [Fun-Loving and Wild] Erin
The younger of the two sisters likes nothing more than to go out and have a good time. She loves clubs and parties, especially if there’s food. Yet she also has a deep hatred for dogs, revealing cruelty beneath her fun-loving exterior.

* [Dependable Friend] Saki
No matter what happens, Saki has your back. She’s been your best friend for years, and you always can rely on her help. She also loves myths and legends, so she’s the perfect person to turn to about the curse.

Through your choices, you’ll learn more about Allison, Erin, and Saki and become closer to them. Will they be able to break the curse? And as you learn more about them, will your friendship blossom into romance?

This is NOT a hentai or porn game!
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