"I think just don't fight it if you don't know what it is." - Don't fight it

WENT: Refactor is a cyberpunk dystopia visual novel with unique puzzles mechanism.

After the end of the world, in an isolated city relying on high technology to survive, as one of the inquisitors in this deeply hierarchical society, you are a girl who can read minds by hacking brain implants.

In investigating a case, you bump into something that has been carefully hidden...

Step by step you get closer to danger, and perhaps the truth?

* We will consider localizing this game to other languages, but it is Chinese-only for the moment.*

Game Features

On this journey:
・Seek the answer to everything. You will search for clues all over the city.
・Make your choices. Make decisions based on the information you gather.
・Hack into minds to unravel truths. Hack into people's brains to reveal hidden information in their memories.

Seek the answer to everything
Walk through every zone of the city to chase down all possible clues, to visit people and other entities in the city to investigate the details of the case. Try to find conclusive evidence and get deeper into the story behind the city and learn about the complicated past and relatively unknown present of our civilization.

Make your choices
History is full of examples of people who play it too safe. They live their lives without taking risks for something better. Be a defender of both law and order, or try to break the rules to pursue true human nature?

Hack into minds to unravel the truths
Keep an eye on what everyone is talking about around. You have to know how to talk to people, draw people out and unveil their humanity.Unravel the key information hidden in each scene and dialogue.
Choose the appropriate piece of information to help you breach peoples’ psychological barriers and dive into their inner realms.
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