Handsome camera is a fashionable camera app.

[My god! I'm so hot in this photo!]
This camera app is based on the BL game Gakuen handsome.
Enjoy taking photos with various attractive characters from the game!

[An app which makes you look cool and hot]
Just take a photo and you can be as handsome as the characters from the Gakuen handsome.

[Various stamps]
You are going to be surprised by the huge variety of stickers, there are wigs, fashion items and slogans of the game.
Let's take photos with all your favorite characters!

[Share your photos]
Share the photos with others on different social medias! Those pictures are going to drive everyone crazy!
Go wild and be creative with the Handsome characters!
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 3.7
3 Évaluation(s), 2 Commentaire(s)
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