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● Rules are verry simple! "Hit it" and "drop opponent"!

1: 14 body rich "Animal" and start the battle!
Lions, gorillas, giraffes every animal has a diffrent abilities!

2: Pull your character up and hit your opponent!
Watch out to the timing of the power to shoot and the shot direction!

3: You'll win if you drop your opponent's character into your hole!

● 14 diffrent animals in all!
Introducing 10 animal from 14 unique animal character!

● Let 's compete superiorly by using "items"!
When getting items placed on the stage, animal's special power will activated!
Try to crush the opponent, blow your opponent barking and it has various effects!

【Online battle】
● Enjoy online battles with people all over the world!
If you are connected to the internet you can play unlimited online battle with people all over the world!

[Online battle]
Battle competition with people all over the world ranking!

[Friend battle]
Battle online with friends even if you are in a remote place!

【2 play battle】
● You can enjoy playing against a single terminal!
With a smartphone or tablet, you will be able to enjoy the battle on the spot!

【Fullesting single person mode】
● Arcade mode
Fight against three difficulty degrees of CPU (Easy, Normal, Hard)!
If you defeat an animal in arcade mode you can get points!

●Can you clear all of you? Challenge mode!
Prepare different mode of rules different from competition!
Can you answer all of 50 questions?
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