Bushin Sword World is a mobile RPG game. Players will go back in time and meet historical characters! Cooperate with them to defeat "the dark one" who brought disaster to the earth of that time.

■ Get training in the past and prepare for a battle!
Each era lasts 10 days. Ability is strengthened by choosing six kinds of actions for you to take advantage in battle. Sometimes sudden events occur for you to get into battles and collect extra items. You can also get information by having a conversation with other characters.

■ Train your hero while paying attention to the remaining stamina!
Your stamina will decrease by your actions.

■ Take "rest" to recover your stamina!
Your performance will become better if you have much stamina.

■ Destroy "the dark one" in the bargain of the mind body!
Predicting enemy attacks and choosing the right option provides the shortcut to victory. Use your skills wisely to defeat your enemies.

■ Every time you advance the story, the hero gets stronger!
When you finish a stage, you get a sword / sword soul! The more soul you collect, the stronger is the sword.
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