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Photon Cube is a unique puzzle game utilizing the function of light.

"Reflect" "Combine" "Split" "Lift" "Carry" "Turn" "Push"
Direct seven colored light beams!

The stage is cleared when all lights are directed to their colored goals!

What you need to clear the 50 plus stages
is just a little knowledge on the science of "light".

And an "infinite imagination"!

- App body: (free)
** Some paid content is available.
Please be sure to check the terms of use when using it.

Not purchased:
- You can play up to "Planet 1" of MainStory.
- "Stage edit" is not available.
- You can play by "QB code" input.
** "QB code" is a stage created by other people in "stage edit" coded.
It is common to all platforms and can be distributed by Twitter and others.
** Up to three "QB codes" can be saved.

All stage release ticket:
- MainStory's "Planet" will be released and will be able to play.

Stage edit function Open ticket:
- "Stage Edit" will be available.
- It becomes possible to save three or more "QB codes".

All opening tickets:
- "Release of all stages" "Stage Edit" will be able to play.
** It is a profitable pack.
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5 Évaluation(s), 1 Commentaire(s)
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