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☞ Autre version: Anglais

Must back up. Must follow. Must catch. Must not to be read. Also, must not hide. Must not give name. Also, must not deprive name.

For letting go back. For returning. For hatching.

Must prepare ■

・+-+ Story +-+・
A girl who was apprenticed to an old castle rumored as a nest of monsters.
"She witnessed ""something heteromorphic"" which roamed around there."
Although people in the castle call it "Komadori", nobody tries to talk details.

Robin, alone, starts investigating the hidden truth, but ……

"It's all right even if it's right. It's all right even if it's wrong."
"If I can choose only one path by which I won't regret, it's for me, ―――"

・+-+ Game +-+・
Dark Gothic×Visual Novel

Multi-ending-system in which selection changes ending.
After seeing eight endings, what is waiting――…?

*Downloading and basic play is no charge (charging for in-game items)

*Please understand that this game partly includes brutal and violent expressions, but its purpose isn't discrimination nor slander.

*This story is a fiction. There is no relation between characters appearing, and organizations to those that really exist.


◆ Official Twitter: The hottest information, secret story about production, illustration and so on are delivered. Please follow.



* Please understand that if you delete cache or data, uninstall application body, all items purchased in the application, data during play are deleted.

* Please understand that we can't pay back for items purchased.

* In case of sudden ending of application, we recommend to play in good communication environment.

* For your enjoyable playing without charge, we finance the costs of operation and development by ad revenue.
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39 Évaluation(s), 1 Commentaire(s)
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