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Your beloved pets are now cute guys! "Animal Boys In Heat" is now available on smartphone! Download now for free and fall in love with a pet!
---What is "Animal Boys In Heat"?---
It's a game where you can live a secret second life at home with your pets, which suddenly transformed into cute guys! Will you end up as the owner, or the pet!? Find out what it's like to live together with animal boys in heat!
When you return home rejected the evening after being broken up with by your boyfriend, waiting for you are four handsome men...who are actually your pets! Cue a fierce battle for the love of their beloved (former) owner -- you! But watch out for the reappearance of your ex...
---Who Will You Fall In Love With?---
A polite, good-hearted piggy. He loves black tea, sweets, and you!
A capricious and independent Russian Blue cat. His brusque manner is just a facade.
An egotistical pink and gray cockatoo, the "older brother" of the group. He likes taking care of others acting as a guardian to you and the other pets.
A spoiled and devious lop-eared rabbit. Adores you more than anyone else.
The sole human character you can choose to fall in love with. He's a cruel, arrogant type who's good at everything he tries. He holds the key to the entire story.
- Animated characters!
The characters in "Animal Boys In Heat" blink, talk, and more! You'll feel like you're right there with your boy.
- How to play
Since "Animal Boys In Heat" is a visual novel, there are no complicated controls. Just start up the game, and you can start wooing the boy of your choice!
- You should play "Animal Boys In Heat" if...
...you want to fall in love with a handsome guy.
...you like romance novels, romance manga, and romantic TV dramas.
...you like romance games.
...you like anthropomorphic animals.
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6 Évaluation(s), 1 Commentaire(s)
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