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☞ Autre version: Chinois Traditionnel | Japonais

Alternative Girls 2 is a VR RPG developed by CyberAgent.

“Reach out a hand, you will be there"
◆ ◇ "VR mode installed! “Breeding Pretty girls & battle RPG ◇ ◆
[VR] × [Pretty Girls] × [Battle] RPG appeared!

◆Girls come closer to you in "VR mode"! ◆
You can feel a realistic experience that there are girls right in front of you!
Every character has VR stories!
Let's go into the world of Alternative Girls.
※ You can enjoy even without VR goggles.

◆ Powerful 3D command battle! ◆
Easy-operation command battle RPG can be enjoyed for everyone!
Let's organize a team and battle with characters’ skills.
Also equipping auto mode so you can enjoy easy.

◆ Enjoy the story with pretty girls! ◆
A full voiced stories by gorgeous voice actoresses!
Let’s increase intiamacy and get along with girls.
You can also enjoy the story of "VR mode"!

◆ Change your clothes of the girls by your taste! ◆
All the girls' clothes are produced in 3D!
Let's change the girls to your favorite clothes such as plain clothes or uniforms.
Many clothes will be added one after another!

◇ ◆ Voice Actresses ◆ ◇
Chika Anzai
Miku Ito
Sumire Uesaka
Yurika Endo
Rumi Okubo
Naomi Ozora
Ai Kayano
Ibuki Kido
Ami Koshimizu
Ayana Taketatsu
Chinami Hashimoto
Mai Fuchigami
Aoi Yuki
Haruka Yoshimura

◇ ◆ Story ◆ ◇
~ The young girls fight for the survival of youth ~
Tsukimorimachi, a town near the sea with great nature.
There are girls who are carrying a fate to fight against "Night Beast"
There was a special school called “Hitomi School”, where “Alterna” attends.
One day, a Boy was invited to Hitomi School,
and he was appointed as the Captain of the Alternas.
Recently, there was an incident at Hitomi School called “Vampire incident” which was the murder case that student being kidnapped and murdered.
The kidnapping murder case of the student was happening.
Through finding the clue of this incident, Captain(the player) and Alternas were caught up in an incomprehensible incident.
What did happened to captain and Alternas… ?
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84 Évaluation(s), 48 Commentaire(s)
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