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☞ Autre version: Korean

Alternative girls AR camera application appeared!

When you hold the camera over the dedicated marker you got at Comike 91,
Alternate people appear on your smartphone!

■ How to use AR Alternative Girls

1. Let's get a dedicated marker
"Omikuji" selling at the Alternative Girls booth of Comike 91
Let's get the "leaflet" distributed before the booth!

2. Launch the application and hold the camera over the marker
When turning the camera to a dedicated marker, alternatives will appear on the screen.

3. Let's switch costumes, enlarge and have fun!
Three costumes are prepared for each exclusive marker.
Let's change the Alterna to suit your taste!
The size of the Alterna can also be changed.
Since you can change the size in 3 steps,
Try challenging life-size photos of the biggest size!
When confirming with life-size, depending on the distance between the exclusive marker and the camera
Although it may be invisible, try some hard work and challenge!

※ Because the exclusive marker uses the [Mycode] card as the base,
Customers who are acquiring with the Bishoujo Battle RPG "Alternative Girls"
It is also possible to take advantage of that experience AR experience!
* Since the "flyer" of the exclusive marker is also up to the official website,
Please print from the official website (https://lp.alterna.amebagames.com/) and experience it.
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19 Évaluation(s), 3 Commentaire(s)
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