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Swipe Brick Breaker is a casual game for mobile. The game is the champion of time killers, it is also extremely addictive! simple and minimal gameplay! Don't worry about losing the ball. Just focus on breaking the walls. Swipe to shoot the balls and damage numerous bricks. You can also make an endless ball chain!
Download the game for free. There is no in-app purchase and you can play without an internet connection.

- Free to play
- Endless gameplay
- score competition with players from all over the world

[How to play]
- Swipe to shoot balls to break the bricks.
- When the ball hits the brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduces to 0, brick breaks.
- Get the green circle to increase the number of balls.
- When the bricks reach the bottom line, the game is over.
- Challenge to make your high score!
Monthly23 is an independent one-man developer who releases a game every month and makes addictive minimalist games for all ages.

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