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More than 270,000 players, the spin-out of "Sheep Village"! Free-to-Play game to multiply animals and get "meat"!!
The latest "Sheep Village" series comes out as an app for smartphone!
Highly recommended to people who like nuturing games.
Simple game you can play in your spare time.
***How to Play***
1: Purchase feeds at Shop
2: Put animals you like from the picture book, and wait their multiplying.
*Pay attetion, when there is no more feeds, number of animals doesn't get increased.
3: Harvest animals and make them turn into meat. Tap meat and earn coins.
*Being able to harvest at a time by swiping.
Only these 3 steps!
You can purchase new animals, or get rare animals with free Gacha with earned coins!
Animals you got are enregistered to the piture book.
Complete a picture book and become an animal master!
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16 Évaluation(s), 2 Commentaire(s)
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