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Haikyu!!FLY HIGH is a sports card game that focuses on collection and training.

【game introduction】
■Well-made 3D modeling implementation!!
Realizing players with 3D modeling
Haikyu!! Experience FLY HIGH’s lively competition

■Reproduce unique special moves for each gorgeous character!
The highlights of the game are recreated as colorful and thrilling battles.~~
Experience the realistic scenes of players and their thrilling special moves!!

■Strategic team composition
Create your own team with over 40 players from the original story.
Assign your team freely and head to the top with your own strongest team. Victory is in your hands!

■Original story character development!
Collect your favorite players and have fun training them in your own style!!
Famous scenes and lines from the original work are realistically reproduced with full voice!!

■Various content including minigames
Experience a variety of content such as training camp decoration, running games, and saving the ball.
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 3.5
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