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Apex Girls is a girl development mobile game. Players will serve as commanders and lead 100+ beautiful warrior girls of various colors to conquer the restricted area.

Stellaris — girls possessing star cores, often endowed with extraordinary powers beyond ordinary people, and powerful enough to shatter the cores of Ruin Mechinas. Some, through various events, awaken their exclusive armaments, gaining even more powerful strength and ensuring the survival of civilization.

The player, as the commander possessing the ability to reverse the encroaching darkness, lead a diverse group of beautiful girls to defeat Ruin Mechinas, aiding distressed people in rebuilding their homes and preserving human civilization.

Game Introduction:
[Exquisite Animation, Eye-Catching Fashion]
60+ stunning "Stellaris" beauties, featuring various styles such as cute, sexy, youthful, and aloof, present as captivating and interactively dynamic portraits. High-quality and exquisite outfits, including nightdresses, swimsuits, formal dresses, and wedding dresses, provide a dual feast for your eyes and ears. Join the beauties in the fight for peace!

[Non-Stop Perks, Effortlessly Get Beautiful Girls]
Log in to reap 10× draws every day for 365 days. Get an invincible damage dealer for free. Pick your favorite out of four SSR characters within 200× draws.

[Casual AFK RPG, Dungeon Resources at Your Fingertips]
Only spending half an hour every day makes you a gaming pro. Not grindy, not pay-to-win. Just experience the purest adventure!
Join us now and become the hero of the beautiful girls, saving the world and embarking on an unprecedented fantasy journey!
Superior AFK rewards, including massive diamonds and EXP, help you level up instantly. Effortlessly obtain abundant resources in the thrilling and casual challenge. Play and pause at will without falling behind.

Game Particularly Recommend
[This game is particularly recommended for the following players.]
[Player wanting a waifu to pamper]
[Player seeking stress relief through gaming]
[Player seeking gradual power progression]
[Player utilizing spare time to experience games]
[Casual Player]
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