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Kepler-2100 is a space fantasy strategy war game
Unlike classic strategy war games, Kepler-2100 caters to a more casual playstyle
[PVP gameplay is not the focus of our game]
- Non-consensual PVP in the Commander’s Home Base is disabled, so you can head offline anytime you like without worry.
[Our focus is on the PVE gameplay]
- You can start and join cooperative mining operations with other Commanders and team up to explore Space Dungeons.
Gameplay at a Glance:
1. Ship Types
There are four ship types that Commanders can construct in the game to form a space fleet and explore the stars with.
-Frigate: Excellent defensive ability, specializes in protecting teammates and providing defensive support
-Destroyer: Excellent offensive ability, specializes in dealing devastating damage to the enemy with missiles
-Cruiser: Excellent mobility, specializes in fast battlefield roaming support
-Engineering Corvette: Excellent repairing ability, specializes in mid-combat ship maintenance and disrupting enemies
2. Ship Ability Modules
There are hundreds of Ship Ability Modules available to Commanders. You can install them on your ships to create a customized and optimized fleet.
3. Sphere of Influence
Commanders can expand their sphere of influence by taking control of critical mining nodes in space, gaining abundant resources.
4. Galactic Alliance
Commanders can form Galactic Alliances with each other and share their spheres of influence to engage in cooperative growth, expansion, and Space Citadel exploration.
5. Unique Events
We also have a wide range of events available to Commanders in-game.
Participate in glorious point-capture battles with hundreds of other Commanders
Repel Space Pirates in co-op defense wars
Conquer Space Citadels with fellow Galactic Alliance members
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